The Festival Voice Presents: STS9 Interview

I had the honor of interviewing the members of STS9 to get to know some of the members of the group and learn so much about them as people. Check out the interview here!

STS9 started in the Atlanta area over 20 years ago and is currently based in the Bay Area. They have a wide range of influences as they said it is reflected in the music they play and the artists they tour with, which include legends like Jay-Z and James Brown. One of the many things talk about in the interview is the circle of inspiration, with how other artist inspired their music and how their music in turn inspires others to create their own art, whether it be things like glasswork, art books and so much more. To see the full interview for all of their amazing responses, check it out here. STS9 is currently touring all over, a feat they are especially happy about after around 2 years of lockdowns making it so there was no live music for a bit. They are also currently working on a new studio album that they say will be out soon. It was an honor to get to talk to this group of amazing musicians and I hope to see them live soon.