The Festival Voice Presents: Truth x Lies

I was lucky enough to be able to interview the legendary DJ duo Truth x Lies this past week and we had a blast talking about what the duo has been up to lately.

Let’s give a little background on the duo, shall we? First off, they’ve spent the last two years building a name for themselves. Their tracks have been streamed over 25 million times, which is pretty epic, to say the least! Their latest release, “Take Me Away,” landed them on Beatport’s Hype Tech House chart- and it was no small feat as they launched themselves to number one. In addition, the duo was about to reach #2 on their Hype Chart Overall and #15 on their Tech House Top 100. Talk about big moves! They’ve released music on celebrated imprints such as hau5trap, NSO, Sink Or Swim, and Sonic Underground. But they’re not done yet- they have huge plans for the rest of the year!

That isn’t all though, when you watch our exclusive interview, you’ll be able to find out about some magical kandi the team has received and some of the things they’re up to next. While they couldn’t share everything- expect more tunes, festival appearances, and maybe even a TOUR! Check out our exclusive interview with Truth x Lies to see what they’ve been up to lately!