Three People Died At Faster Horses This Week

So guys, this is a sad post but it needs to be shared because it is a safety concern. Sadly, three people just died at the Faster Horses Festival, which is located at the Michigan Speedway. It is believed that the three people died from carbon monoxide poisoning. According to news sources, they were identified as Dawson Brown, 20, Richie Mays Jr., 20, and Kole Sova, 19.

three people

When I first read this, I wasn’t sure how you would get carbon monoxide poisoning at a festival. When I think of CO2 poisoning, I think of a car in a garage or a gas issue in your basement. But unfortunately, three people died from being too close to a generator. Two other people were hospitalized as well. Honestly, they were probably asleep and unaware that they were in any danger. This is scary- just a few weeks ago, I know of an elderly lady who accidentally left her car running in her garage. Thankfully, she had carbon monoxide alarms in her house that went off.

This is a harsh reminder that you need to ensure the safety of yourself and others. When I read about this, I immediately sent it to my friend who has a generator in her tent that she uses all the time. She assured me that hers was electric and she would be okay because it doesn’t emit CO2. But this post is a reminder to check your carbon monoxide alarms in your home and share this information with your friends. This is a tragedy but we will be able to learn from it. Stay safe, fam.