Ubbi Dubbi was a Bear… Grillz – Phase 2 Lineup


Fresh off the massive success of Freaky Deaky, Disco Donnie Presents looks to lay down a new line of EDM legacy with yet another inaugural festival, this one dubbed Ubbi Dubbi. If you missed the first phase of this lineup, you should sit down and try not to take it all in one sitting… maybe take a breather somewhere in between Galantis and Ganga White Knight.

The Story

Ubbi and Dubbi washed up on Panther Island, an enchanted setting that’s straight out of a fairytale, nestled in a fork on the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. Dubbi who loves dubstep and trap, taught Ubbi about electronic music, and now he loves house and techno.

Ubbi and Dubbi are all about diversity and variety. One of them is purple, the other is blue, one has one eye, one has two. They like the wubs and the untz and the didgeridoo… digital didgeridoo of course but this line up is stacked deep across many EDM genres and sub-genres. This is a prime opportunity to explore new musical avenues and experience artists you may have never seen otherwise. I often find at least one or two new artists I’d have never seen attending festivals with lineups like this and have found many of my favorites just that way.

The Lineup

Phase 2 artists listed in green.

Phase 1 had started off very nice with Zed’s Dead, Tchami, Slander, Illenium,  Destructo and more. Phase 2 has now followed that up massively with a well diversified portfolio of artists, certain to make any venture festivalist eager to invest in the experience. Bear Grillz to Chris Lake, Drezo to Droeloe and sea to shining sea, Ubbi Dubbi killed it on diversity. This is the type of festival that pays dividends in happiness, memories and friendships for many years to come.

“The Ubbi Dubbi phase two talent announcement aims to kick off 2019 strong by incorporating new genres and artists to help diversify the Ubbi Dubbi lineup. Our goal is to provide a little of everything for the fans — stay tuned for new surprises this spring”.
-Disco Donnie 



The Location

Panther Island Pavilion is a scenic venue on the Trinity River with the beautiful downtown Fort Worth skyline as a backdrop. Explore a magical land of music across multiple stages of today’s top electronic artists, performers, vendors, art and more! I’ve never been to the venue myself but from what I’ve seen, I’m getting excited to check it out.

Parking lots will open at 2pm for the 3pm-12am event and parking is $10. The Ubbi Dubbi website has some helpful travel and hotel packages they’ve put together which may help your planning. You can find those here.

Reasons to go:

Stacked lineup

Outdoors under the stars

Shipped RFID wristbands so you have nothing to pick up and the lines go smoothly.

3 stages

Reasons not to go:


Family Emergency

Birth of first born, the second is just a rerun though so you’re good


The decision is yours… get your tickets here.