Lights All Night 2018 A Texas EDM Favorite

Lights All Night 2018 Was A Hit!

Well, it’s officially 2019! That means another year full of amazing festivals has come and go. And of course, every year we struggle to pick which NYE festival to attend. Last past weekend, a lot of us decided to hit up Dallas, TX to celebrate the 9th annual Lights All Night.

The festival, which capped out at 30,000 total attendees over December 28th and December 29th, headlined Excision, Rezz, Diplo, Kaskade, Gucci Mane, and Tiesto.


As a festival who has always fought to provide festival-goers with an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, LAN had a lot in store for us. From fire dancers to a gaming lounge, and outdoor fire pits, it was an amazing way to bring 2018 to an end.  

But, what were some of our highlights? Kelsey from New Orleans thought the performers and dancers were a great way to enhance the overall festival experience.

PhaseOne’s set was definitely a fan favorite (myself included.) That heavy hitting bass is something we just can’t get enough of. Brittany from Lewisville, Tx stated, “PhaseOne killed it!” He has had such an amazing year and definitely deserved to be on one of the mainstages.” 

“This is a festival for every flow artist. I kinda don’t care for indoor festivals. A lot of them don’t even allow glovers. We can do all of that here and more. We can be ourselves. We can express our art form.”

Danny Fuergonson 

We all love a good photo op and we were not disappointed last weekend. Check out the neon Lights All Night sign below. Speaking with attendees over the weekend, this was definitely a fan favorite!

Lights All Night 10th Year Anniversary 

What changes would everyone like to see for the 10th year anniversary? There were 2 things that came up frequently…

  1. More places for people to sit down and eat or chill indoors.
  2.   3 days! A lot of people (both seasoned vets and first timers) would love to see LAN return to a 3-day fest. What a great way to celebrate the 10th year anniversary. Some even talked about how great it would be to host the event back at Fair Park. 

“My friends and I had a lot of fun at the Silent Disco! But, it seemed like everyone was listening to the same station (the blue station).”

Festival-goers had mixed feeling about the expansion. On one hand, many people appreciated the addition of more stages. However, the weather was a downfall for some. With temperatures only reaching the low 40’s, a lot of people opted to stay indoors. As a result, Jack from Arkansas felt like we all missed out on some good performances. But hey, it is Texas, I’m sure most of us weren’t expecting such low temperatures! 

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Photo Credits: Alive Coverage for Lights All Night