3 AM Rebound: The KEY To Lasting 3 Days At A Festival

3 AM Rebound Lets You Party Hard All 3 Nights Of The Festival!!!

Scrolling through Facebook, and of course, I come across an ad-like promotion stating “Win a VIP pass to any music festival of your choice. To enter the contest, comment ‘Win’. We will inform you through messenger more about the giveaway and other prizes.” Naturally, my curiosity took hold of me and, wanting a VIP pass to wherever I commented. Rather quickly, I had a notification from 3 AM Rebound followed with a message to confirm that I wanted to enter the contest.

3 AM Rebound had commented “I’m Donny Harding, one of the Founders of 3 AM Rebound! I run all the marketing (I’m the one you all are messaging and commenting with). I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and all the love you are sharing about our company ?. This company means a lot to us. We’re not only on a mission to help you all recover from a night of drinking. We are looking to create something much larger and more impactful. We started 3 AM Rebound during our quest to find a healthier more natural way to live life. After discovering all the amazing benefits of the herbs we use in 3 AM Rebound, we knew we had to build a business around them. 3 AM Rebound is the first of many healthy products to come. Thank you again for all your support. ❤️ Donny.”

I wanted to know more, what was the product and how could it help? What was the purpose behind the giveaways? I had the chance to sit down and speak with Donny Harding, the CEO of 3 AM Rebound about the company and just what the product had to offer. From a hangover remedy to so much more, 3 AM Rebound is certainly making serious waves! So, first things first, what is 3 AM Rebound? “3 AM Rebound is 2 FL OZ shot specifically formulated to fight the negative effects of drinking. The formula is designed to protect and detox the liver, ease your stomach, hydrate your body, oxidize your blood, and improve cognitive function. Our ingredients include ginseng berry, reishi mushroom, turmeric, milk thistle, ginger, lemon, electrolytes, and a vitamin b complex.” Donny and his team of dedicated workers such as Don Harding – CPO, Josh Best – COO, and Dr. Aihua Liu – CSO started the company in April 2018. Harding went on to explain that the giveaways are a way to create brand awareness, trust, and help appeal to their targeted audience. Which makes sense, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a camping festival and needed something like this!

3 AM doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon either, Harding continued to explain, “We are officially launching on April 9th through an Indiegogo campaign. After crowdfunding, we will be launching on our website and Amazon. We plan to grow online and eventually get into convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.” He went on to say that they intend on expanding their product line with natural products that help with energy, focus, vitality, sleep, et.” So who’s to say what’s next?

I wanted to know Donny’s motivation for the product. “I have been an entrepreneur for the past 7 years. My first company was an iPad rental company. From there I started an environmental testing company. I launched a dating app in 2015 that flopped. Eventually, I got into e-Commerce. I did really well! I was drop shipping clothes. I wanted to create a product that was mine and have control over the product and its quality. That’s when I came into 3 AM Rebound.” That just goes to show you that not every “flop” or “failure” can’t lead to better things further down the road. So…plan on partying? Head to https://3amrebound.com/products/hangover-shot prior to that wild night out on the town and get that gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO hangover remedy and come prepared!