A Friendship Found When I Needed One Most

A Moment In Time

It almost seems too perfect to exist, an atmosphere seamlessly sculpted by the rhythm of the soul. A place where creativity, love, and wonder cascade together to form an entirely new world. A world that, for this moment, is as temporary as it is eternal. For me, and so many others, music festivals are a realm in which true acceptance and friendship can find a way to change your life. I’ve been exploring music festivals for eight years now, always alongside my boyfriend and our friends. Every festival has been its own unique experience, a beautiful adventure with people that had become family. This story, however, is about my first solo festival, and how one incredible person made it unforgettable.


My First Solitary Festival Journey

Last summer I got the opportunity to cover the Lightning In A Bottle festival with TFV. I was over the moon with excitement since it was a festival I had been yearning to experience. As I was planning my trip out there, I realized that my boyfriend would not be able to come with me since the tickets were too expensive. I was devastated, he and I had attended every festival together, so it seemed impossible that he wouldn’t be coming with me. Even though it was unfamiliar, and I was embarking on this journey alone, I had faith in the beautiful things I was about to experience.

When I arrived in California, the sun warming my skin, I realized just how alone I felt. After being dropped off at the gate, I carried my things across the grounds and set up my tent all by myself. For some people, this simple task is familiar and comfortable, for me, it was a whole new experience of independence. Throughout the next few days, there was so much to do that I was never bored, yet there still seemed to be something missing. I met many beautiful people, but never truly felt like I connected with anyone. I found myself feeling lonely at times because I missed having my boyfriend with me to share moments with and talk to. However, one afternoon after a workshop, I met someone that dissolved my loneliness with honest friendship and a life-changing memory. 

We Don’t Meet People By Accident,

At every festival I go to, I bring hand-dug quartz crystals to share with the beautiful people I meet. After a workshop teaching us how to weave pine needle baskets (which was incredible), I was sharing the crystals when I met Kyle. We instantly connected over the stones and wooden art that I make, and decided to go to another workshop together. Throughout the day, we grew to enjoy each other’s company while exploring all the music, art, and activities. He helped me share my creations, immersed me in his art, and made me feel truly wanted.

I am usually more of an observer, especially when I’m at festivals alone. However, Kyle helped give me the courage to do the things I usually wouldn’t have done. One thing I wouldn’t have experienced if it wasn’t for him was skating in the roller rink, which was so much fun. At the end of the night, Big Gigantic was playing, and I usually dance along the edge of the crowd. Instead, Kyle suggested we go to the very front of the stage, and even though I was nervous, I happily agreed. And honestly, it was one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen. Being so close to the artists, surrounded by all that energy, was absolutely unforgettable. 

They Cross Our Paths For A Reason.

It felt wonderful to journey with someone who genuinely wanted to be my friend and only my friend. Even though I had met other people while I was there, my time spent with Kyle really touched my heart. He is an incredible photographer, and seeing how passionate he was about getting the perfect shot was so inspiring. He cared about what I had to say, he happily wanted to join me in the things I wanted to do, and he gave me the gift of true friendship when I needed it most. In an unfamiliar place, in a lonely state of mind, Kyle offered me companionship and compassion. He was polite, kind, and made me feel comfortable, which I appreciated more than I could express.

Experiencing a music festival by myself for the first time was exciting and liberating, yet at times secluded. When I felt lost and alone, this talented and lovely human showed me how beautiful this world could truly be. For that friendship, and that moment, I will always be grateful.

Photo Credit: Kyle Fuentes

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