Another Beautiful Year of Electric Forest

Welp, that’s a wrap y’all. Another beautiful year of Electric Forest has passed and I must say I had an amazing time. Although much different than last year, I was wow’d by the new art installations, the upgrades to the stages, and the new dream emporium. Last year was my first time at the forest and you can check out the experience here!


As I mentioned, there were a lot of changes from last year. The most noticeable was that they redesigned the Hangar. The Hangar is a place you can go to get a haircut, play putt-putt, do quests, and so much more. It was more of an open area anyone can go. This year they changed the Hangar to the Dream Emporium which is a building with different doors you have to get access to from one of the characters that works there. I was definitely a bit apprehensive but upon entering I was blown away. There were dozens of rooms with something for everybody! A tarot reader, a speakeasy, and my favorite – a river where you can kayak! This was an incredible change and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.

Aside from that, I explored the forest much more than last year, the art installations were amazing, and I even got to see the incredible Odesza, Ganja White Night, and so many more artists.

I think it’s SO important to stumble upon sets that you might not normally check out because trust me – the Forest provides. Two sets that will stick with me forever is CimaFunk and DJ Diesel (Shaq). I’ve never seen a more hype crowd than Shaq’s set in my entire life.

This year at Electric Forest truly changed my life and I cannot wait to see you guys next year. Thank you to all of the beautiful souls that made this possible and see you in 11 months!