Are You Ready For The Poison Veneno?

Sinego shares new single “Veneno” on Sony’s ORIANNA 

Other cultures can be so inspiring. Seriously, who doesn’t love immersing themselves in the wonders of another culture? We are in for a treat! Colombian/Mexican multi-instrumentalist, DJ & producer Sinego is back. This time, she’s sharing an exquisite track. Bolero, Latin music developed in Spain in the 18th century, is effortlessly combined with dance music to create a sure hit. His latest release “Veneno” (Poison), is out on Sony’s ORIANNA Imprint, on March 5.

With Veneno, we see vocals by Daniela Blau (songwriter for Danna Paola). Alfredo De La Fe (Main violinist for Hector La Voe and La Fania) provided the violin work followed by guitar portions. Leonardo La Croix, (“Duele” collaborator) was responsible for the guitar portions. Overall, the track is a gorgeous and sultry melodic number, with captivating lyrics (in both English and Spanish)…”you want to f*ck with my mind…”
Then of course, there’s the artwork! And what’s even cooler is that photoshop did not create this masterpiece! It features two live Phyllobates Terribilis (poisonous frogs) on Sinego’s face. Woah! The frogs belong to Dardo, a non-profit org committed to protect reptiles in Latin America. 


Sinego’s genius combination of romantic latin music and house basslines create a unique listening experience, primed for anyone with good taste to enjoy. Recently, he released Duele on this label!

ABOUT Sony’s Latin imprint ORIANNA 

ORIANNA, means “rising sun.” The label was created with a sincere passion of blending the amazing Latin culture with electronic music. The producers’ goal is to create organic tracks to dance to. Most of the talent is from Central & South America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal in order to showcase the true spirit and the ancestral roots of Latin culture.
You’ll be transported into the rainforests of Colombia with these tracks. Or, you could be sent to Cuba to reset and repeicve in the Balearic Islands. The label represents the new mindset of nurturing the soul, adhering to a meditative state, all the while living fully and dancing till dawn.  
Our mission is to build a diverse, creative, and positive community that explores the Latin sounds from around the world. Join us. 
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