Black Lives Matter: TFV’s Series on Racial Injustice

Trigger warning: This thread may include instances where people are treated unjustly with acts of racism, hate crimes, and homophobia. This thread highlights racial relations throughout the rave scene.

The Festival Voice knows these past couple of months have been tumultuous. While they have been challenging, ultimately, many people have done the right thing and have treated others with dignity. So many people took part in protests to fight back against police brutality and the treatment of people of color. In specific, this is in regard to the treatment of black people. In addition, it is PRIDE month, and we want to celebrate the diversity in the EDM community. 

Diversity is crucial for humans to grow and learn from one another. There is so much we can learn from people of different ethnic groups or cultures. The Festival Voice values diversity. Our goal with this thread is to highlight ravers in the scene who are people of color or identify as LGBTQ+. Each post will highlight a different person. Not everyone has experienced racial injustice in the rave scene, but many people have. These posts are to highlight both the positives of the community as well as the negatives.


To start with, we interviewed Chris. Chris has asked for anonymity in regards to his idenity, however, Chris identifies as an African-American.


Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you?


My name is Chris. I started going to festivals/shows three years ago. I am looking to expand my music genres and to make friends who love the same music. 

Who are some of your favorite artists?


Marauda, Excision, Odesza, He$h, Calcium, Al Ross, Wooli, Riot Ten, Kompany, Svdden Death, Kayzo, Peekaboo, Nero, Darude, 12th Planet, Pegboard Nerds, Modestep, and lots more.

What is your favorite festival/event you’ve ever been to?


Jawbreaker Festival on Halloween 2018 and Radiance 2019


What do you think about racial representation in the EDM community?


I love it. We always find a way to get to the Music we love. Seeing everyone from different parts of the country or continent.

Do you generally feel welcomed in the EDM scene?

Yes. Every show I’ve attended, I usually can find someone(s) that just wants to dance, chat, or travel.

Do you see the EDM scene ever becoming more inclusive?

No. It’s a worldwide movement and it should not be stopped. Getting together with new friends and dancing until our feet can’t move, is one of the best experiences at every show.

Do you think the demographics of the EDM scene will ever change?

Maybe. I’ve been trying to invite my friend to go, but they are not into Visual Art I think. I’m sure they can get into the bassrush and wuvs someday.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

I miss Everybody. There is so much new music out and can’t wait to hear it live. Stay safe Everybody. Don’t forget to wear your mask and keep Raving.

We want to thank Chris for his time and his interview. We plan to be posting more information on upcoming threads. If you have a story you would like to share, please reach out to us on social media or email us at

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