Bonnaroo 2023 is TAKING OFF this Summer

It was no surprise to anyone

when The Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival released yet another extraordinary line-up with sounds from all across the musical spectrum. From hip-hop legends Kendrick Lamar and Three 6 Mafia to the magical saxophone wizard Griz, to releasing our inner teenager at Paramore. Bonnaroo is exciting the festival world with its diverse line-up and incredible choices in art, activities, environment, and the people who attend.

With all that in our minds and heart; let’s go over some of the hot tea and speculations revolving around Bonnaroo(HOO)!

  • No Clean Vibes? Word has it that this is the first year since Bonnaroo’s inception that they will not be part of the festival…which means we are now ALL responsible for picking up our trash…which shouldn’t be a big deal because we want to leave the park the way we found it, right?
  • 3,2,1 BLAST OFF. It’s a space theme this year. Get your disco astronaut helmets, and silver suits, and radio your squad from other planets, it’s going to be out of this world.
  • Griztronics? That’s right, speculations have already started that Griz and Subtronics will perform a secret set as Griztronics. Do you want to get wonky and be serenaded by the saxophone? Look no further. Keep your ears open for that sweet saxophone serenade.

  • Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton? This needs no further explanation.
  • Diesel is back. Now, we were all confused when we saw “Diesel” on the line-up and not “DJ Diesel”. Shaq has confirmed that he is Diesel (without the DJ) and will be making a head-banging slam dunk at this Tennessee festival.
  • The return of Foo Fighters, without Taylor. As many of you have seen, Foo Fighters will be back, but without their drummer Taylor who passed away in March of 2022. This will be their first show since his death, but there is no doubt that they will blow us away.

Now that you’re all caught up, please take a look at one of our writer’s Artists of the Day, and get your tickets while they’re still hot.

We all can’t wait to be at the Roo with you 🙂