Want To Be The Next Big Hit? Take This MasterCamp!

Open Call for Musicians at House of Cultures Masterskaya called Mastercamp

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House of Culture Masterskaya, founded by the famous Ukrainian musician and producer Ivan Dorn, has recently announced the launch of a comprehensive educational program for young musicians, “MasterCamp”. This would be an awesome opportunity for anyone looking to get into the music game.

What is MasterCamp? To put it simply, it is a program that teaches someone all the fundamental knowledge that they need to become a musician. The program collaborates with music industry leaders to teach the students about the music market, copyright issues, branding, marketing tools, tours, and finance. This hands-on course is taught by some of the best in the biz with collaboration with Masterskaya.

The European Union is all in with support for this MasterCamp. The goal is to ensure that young musicians are able to get the development and support they need. Many of the small towns in the EU do not have the opportunities to gain the experience necessary to be proficient in music production, which is where this program comes in! Not just anyone can sign up though. First, you’ve got to qualify for the program. Then you’ll go through online training before joining the practical intensive music production course. 

Ready to Sign Up For MasterCamp?

First off, you’ve got to join the qualifying round. We just found out about this awesome opportunity but you only have until April 6th to get your entries in. You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire, send in demos of live tracks and videos of performances, and a cover letter. Sixty participants will be chosen to join the second round! 

The online program consists of 7 modules covering key theoretical knowledge and the unique experience of industry experts.

Next up, participants will work directly with Masterskaya Director Grigory Fatyanov to learn the basic principles of the music market. Next up, they’ll work with lawyer Oleksandr Selivanov to learn about copyrighting. Valentin Panyuta, Fedoriv Agency’s brand leader, will begin with lessons on branding. In addition, the head of the British company Jukebox PR Alex Juxes will talk about how young musicians can use marketing tools, social networks, and PR. Next up, Dartsia Tarkovska, co-founder of Music Export Ukraine, will work more on marketing in the international market. Natalia Padabed, head of the international booking agency MORE ZVUKOV AGENCY will provide support in finding an agent, working with tour information, and shows.

There will be one more lecture though. Complete Music Update’s Chris Cook will share the financial impacts and how to make a profit in the modern music market. This will then lead to 20 participants moving on to the next phase. These 20 participants will join the practical and intensive studio production training. They will work together to create a new project. The participants will learn various intricacies of music production and even have their tracks released on the Masterskaya label.


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