House Before It Was Techno


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It truly has been a whirlwind 2021 for Octopus Recordings! They’ve seen huge releases from label favorites like HI-LO, Indira Paganotto, Stiv Hey, Ramon Tapia, Alex Stein, and label boss Sian in just a few short months! In addition, the team has been thinking about us by creating their very own Twitch channel! This has three full days of exclusive content released weekly! We love it! Plus, they released their 200th record ever! Epic!

Matt Sassari is next up on the list! The Los Angeles-based imprint is ready to bring you to the next level with this new EP, House Before It Was Techno. This sure is one dynamic and forward-thinking EP that we think you’ll just love! And lucky us- we get two parts instead of one!

This new EP is out now for your listening enjoyment. The Marseilles-born producer Matt already has several amazing releases in his repertoire. For instance, Terminal M, Tronic, SCI+TEC, Truesoul, Deeperfect, Stereo Productions, and his own Panterre Musique, to name just a few have released his tracks. 

House Before It Was Techno

In the title track, Sassari immediately kicks us off by delivering us a double-sided cut with driving kicks, delicate high-hats, and exquisitely layered vocal samples. Next up, he shows us his production versatility with Grace. This track includes trippy and punchy bass, shuffling rhythms, and soulful vocal samples. 



Matt Sassari – House Before It Was Techno (Original Mix)

Matt Sassari – Grace (Original Mix)

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