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It may feel like the world is grinding to a halt, but there’s seemingly no stopping the inexhaustible industry and determination of LA-based producer and Octopus Recordings label boss, Sian. Due to the nature of this pandemic and the forced hiatus in international touring, Sian has been working hard to create some new tunes. This year has no doubt cast a shadow over the music industry. However, Sian has been channeling his boundless creativity by dedicating an unprecedented amount of time to doing what he enjoys most – writing music. We’re thankful for that! We’re here to present Corporate Hive Mind!

corporate hive mind

And Sian has had some pretty astounding releases!  mau5trap, Manta Recordings, and his own esteemed Octopus Recordings imprint over the past year have picked up on these stellar tunes. This is in addition to his hugely popular livestreaming residency with US eventing goliath Insomniac. The Dublin-born talent now looks to grab 2021 by the horns as he unveils his next huge EP offering, Corporate Hive Mind. 

About Corporate Hive Mind


This new EP is a veritable masterclass in modern, driving techno from a producer at the very top of his game. If you’re a techno fan, you’ll be saying tech-yes to this release! The relentless three-part player exudes raw, energetic dynamism across its duration. The EP kicks off with the mesmerizing title track Corporate Hive Mind. As a result, Sian combines pulsating basslines with haunting vocal samples and cutting-edge production techniques to deliver a truly emphatic opener. You’ll be in awe.


Things take a hypnotic turn through the razor-sharp second track Mercenary. This track includes crisp, punchy rhythms and intermittent synth stabs providing the backbone of the release. But oh no, we’re not done! Last but by no means least, Sian delivers an impressive amalgamation of old-school drum machines and eerie voice drops with a uniquely avant-guard production treatment across Spawn to close out yet another remarkable EP on Octopus Recordings. Talk about one stellar record.

But There’s A Twitch Stream Too?

While we all had seen a stream prior to 2020, it truly brought out the greatness in steaming. ‘Sian: Presents Octopus’ is a new stream that will kick off your 2021 to a magnificent state! This is an artist/label hybrid channel running from Tuesday to Thursday every week. Thankfully, fans can tune in to watch carefully curated live performances, listening sessions, feedback tutorials, artist chats, and more from Sian. He’ll also be joined by the Octopus Recordings crew and a selection of special guests from across the music industry. EPIC!

When can you watch all this? Well, the first one is tomorrow! The stream kicks off at 12pm PST on Tuesday, February 2. The channel will be christened with an extra special live listening session with Sian and HI-LO (Oliver Heldens), who will be providing their feedback and production tips to budding artists participating in the on-going ’Athena’ Remix Contest. If you want details on that one, check out our blog post HERE! Wednesday’s schedule begins with an EP walkthrough from Sian. After that, he takes fans through the newly released Corporate Hive Mind EP. Finally, on Thursday he invites industry stalwart Will Clarke for the first installment in a series of live Zoom-style conversations dubbed ‘Under The Influence’. These are some features that you won’t want to miss out on!


Of course, the beginning is just the start of things! After these opening daily specials, the programming will turn to exclusive DJ performances from some of Octopus Recordings’ favorite artists, including Sian, Michelle Sparks, Juhuen, Indira Paganotto, Loco & Jam, Speaker Honey, Ghost Dance, The Reason Y, and many more.


For all the latest programming information, head to the Official Twitch channel here and stay tuned to the Sian and Octopus Recordings social channels below.


Sian – Corporate Hive Mind EP is out now via Octopus Recordings.


About Sian:


Sian is absolutely infamous for delivering sweat-soaked, hypnotic performances. For instance, each seminal release stands the test of time as Sian burns deep into the collective psyche of electronic music like hot black chrome. He adheres more to the avant-garde side of club culture. As a result, both his and the label’s output possess an otherworldly, driving, and ecstatic atmosphere. He is one who is instantly recognizable. Sian is a powerhouse right on the razor’s edge, with a new-school attitude toward both sound and design aesthetics. Classic modern techno is what Sian and his label, Octopus, truly represent.


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