DJ Pioneer Kills It With ‘Post And Delete’ Remix

Post And Delete

Hey everyone, this next track is something I’m excited about! It’s a remix of Zoey Dallaz and Chris Brown’s ‘Post And Delete’, and it is absolutely on fire, DJ Pioneer has really done it!  The track was originally released in 2017 with a message that needs to be addressed about social media addicts and those who portray real-life into their social media accounts on the reg. The song instantly became a hit, and this remix should absolutely be shared to reach the same heights!



DJ Pioneer


‘Post And Delete’ brought forth Kiss FM’s DJ Pioneer’s attention, who remixed the original song with a hot and fresh, like baked bread, UK House spin. Pioneer has prepared this one for the UK specially but it won’t stop there, I’m sure! It’s a fast paced and energetic beat as he intertwines the original vocal with significant effect; he rolls basslines, the chorus, and synth tabs in a mesmerizing way. I can’t wait for our safe return to the dance floor when all of this bullshit is over so I can make sure to dance the night away to songs like these!


DJ Pioneer & TJ x Zoey Dollaz feat Chris Brown’ POST & DELETE REMIX’ is out now on JOAT Music Group!

Listen and stream here!