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Things seem bleak, and I couldn’t agree more. Events are canceled, people are dying, the world has essentially… stopped. But you know what this is really bringing? Change. So much change. We are finally allowing ourselves to take a step back and slow down. And ya know what? It’s okay. It’s okay to not be hyper-productive, it’s okay to finally have time for that skill we always wanted to learn. Or, maybe, you’re extremely affected by everything going on and you’re sleeping all day… that’s okay too. Take the time for whatever you need. Whatever you need and you’re going through, is okay.


Before all of this, this was unimaginable… to think the world would just halt; that 2020 was virtually ‘canceled’. At some point, it seemed like things wouldn’t get any better. However, look at how much we’ve adapted. Look at how much we’ve changed in such a short amount of time. We’re watching live streams on twitch and attending ‘Couchella’ (check out some previous twitch live streams here). Happy hours on Zoom and going outside, finally. We’re appreciating this beautiful world around us. We’re spending time with our families, our pets are happy we’re home.

And I won’t argue, all of this adaptation has been so hard. There are layoffs and canceled plans, and a lot of fear that’s surrounding us. Even with this though, we’ve been able to power through. Plus, just like we couldn’t predict the virus, we can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. With all of this negativity, nature is healing, the ozone layer is closing, we are slowing down. Take a moment to look around you.

In these moments of isolation, family members and friends seem further away than ever. You might not be able to smell their shampoo on their hair, the way their lips curl up when they laugh or the warm embrace of hugs and intimacy. With this though, we are more connected than ever. No other pandemic has had the luxury of social media. We are all going through this together, we are all experiencing the same things. In a way, it’s beautiful.


Look, I’m bummed – my summer is pretty blank at the moment, but think about the amount of appreciation that we will be drowned in. Whether it’s going to a local bar with some friends or traveling across the country for a festival. Maybe you go see a friend or family member you’ve missed so much. Every moment will truly count. Goosebumps will drench your skin, tears will come to your eyes.

These are the moments we are alive for. I know when things look a little brighter, a little clearer, I can’t wait to go see live music with the people I love. Appreciate every second like I never have before. Remember the smells of sweat and perfume in the air, the way the sun bounces off skin and hair. The way the music surrounds me in a sanctuary of peace and heaven. In that moment, I will know this was all worth it.



I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Although the clarity and the normalcy seem so far away, we will come out of this stronger than ever. We are the sunflowers that have been growing and growing through all of this. We can handle anything now. And ya know what? We won’t be doing it alone.

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