Corona Electric Beach Review: More Please!

Corona Electric Beach holds many events in several states across the USA such as California, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, and Colorado! We were able to attend here in Denver, Colorado with Valentino Khan at Jackson’s.  It was definitely a packed party!  The event was held on the rooftop, and who doesn’t like a good rooftop weekend party?


Jackson’s always has an amazing view of the city skyline and of course Corona Electric Beach and Valentino Khan brought the sick beats.  Corona buckets were a plenty, and people were dancing with big smiles on their faces.  The sound quality at this venue is also superb, especially since it is a smaller venue.  Smaller does not mean lesser at all!


This was definitely the pre-EDC party of 2019 in Denver!  Myself and our team had a blast!  Check out the photos below and make sure to check out the link for the upcoming Parties I posted below!  Thank you to Corona Electric Beach as well for always throwing a sick party!! Happy almost EDC everyone! Can’t wait to rage at EDC with everyone! Check out the rest of the photos The Festival Voice took below! We enjoyed taking them!