Decadence AZ 2019- A Journey Into 2020

Ringing In The New Year At Decadence AZ 2019

Incredible music, friends and a night we won’t forget, Decadence AZ 2019 definitely did not disappoint! Held on the 30th and 31st of December at the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, AZ; The annual event brought people from all over. As the sun set each night, festival-goers started lining up to get into the gates as soon as the music started. This year the folks at Relentless Beats worked hard to throw the best party to bring in the new decade. With headlining acts like Skrillex, Illenium and Joyryde, the vibes here were right on point!

Those Beats Hit Hard!

The first thing I noticed was that the two main stages had stacked lineups all night long. On the first night, Dillon Francis, Illenium and Skrillex brought acts to the Grand Pavilion stage. Over at the Royal Circus stage, Space Jesus, Jamie Jones, and Adam Beyer brought their own unique style. For New Years Eve, Diplo and Galantis played while Joyryde brought in the new year at the Grand Pavilion. While at the Royal Circus, Arius, Fisher and many others played while G Jones brought in the new year. For more music options, the Silent disco in the ‘Weird-and-wonderful’ room offered three dj lineups at a time! Using the headphones, we could switch through artists and groove in a warm and open environment.

Suggestions Taken To Heart

It was also very apparent that the RB crew truly took last years suggestions from festival goers to heart. This year there was plenty of water refill options, with rarely much of a line. There were hard plastic walkways that drastically reduced muddy accidents. Also, one of the biggest and most well received changes was opening up the side walls for the Grand Pavilion stage so entrance and exit could flow freely.

One of my favorite things I saw was a tented area providing string and beads to make bracelets. The vendors offered unique clothing, LED toys and wares, and also some handmade art and jewelry. Along with merchandise, I saw lots of delicious food options and easy access to all parts of the festival.

“…it’s the vibes, the friendly people and the freedom. Decadence is a place to be yourself without judgement.” -Valentina of Goodyear, AZ

I spent time with a lot of festival-goers, asking their opinions on this years Decadence. For Francisco Ramirez and Ayanna Colyette, it was their very first Decadence experience. They loved the music and the community of loving people and were hoping to see more visuals and lockers in the coming years. Rachel Haverly of Glendale AZ was there celebrating her third Decadence. She said that the line-up every year has been incredible and next years she’s hoping to see more security per line to get people through quicker. Anthony from Gilbert AZ said what he loves about Decadence is the atmosphere, music and being together with friends. Overall it seemed that people really enjoyed this years Decadence and were definitely planning to come back next year.

Happy New Year!

Throwing such a huge event comes with a lot of expectations, and Relentless Beats and Global Dance definitely delivered! The line-ups kept the energy going all night long, with each stage offering its own unique sound. The silent disco offered a comfortable space to listen to music closely with the freedom to switch between live artists. For a break from the music there was an area to make bracelets, lots of vendors with unique merchandise and lots of heaters. With surprises around very corner, Decadence 2019 in Arizona was the best way to bring in the new decade.

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Photos courtesy of Pluse Radio