Did You Hear The Rumors of Electric Forest??

Okay guys, did you hear the rumors??? I think they’re a little more than that, but we’ve got to share the deets with you all! According to The Festive Owl (as well as multiple rumors on social media), Electric Forest is going to return for 2021!! Forest is one of those festivals you’ve got to attend at least once in your life. 


The Festive Owl is usually pretty reliable so I did some social media snooping of my own. Electric Forest has yet to release any news of their own. However, their last post shared that they were planning to move forward with plans for EF 2021. Thankfully, the Rothbury Council approved alternate dates just in case they can’t make this work due to COVID. Additionally, I found this during my social media search. 


Of course, you can’t always trust what you read so I decided to look up this newspaper and did indeed find this article. You can find it here. 

While I am all stoked for festivals to happen, I’m curious about the logistics behind them. Everyone wants live music back, that’s a given. But what guidelines will Forest put into place? At The Festival Voice, we’ve been doing our research to find out what guidelines festivals are putting into place at their festivals. Check out some of our speculations here! In addition, we want to hear your thoughts about this. Be on the lookout for more details from us in the coming months!