Don’t P*SS ME OFF (DPMO) Volume 3 from Funtcase

FuntCase unleashes DPMO Vol. 3

3 is the magic number, on this occasion, it’s slightly more magical than usual; it’s DPMO time, FuntCase presents to you DPMO volume 3. Hell to the yeah! We have been waiting for this one!



Fall 2017 saw the first juggernaut of a compilation pull up, helping deliver some early career starts for artists that have become the leading names of Riddim. In fact, DPMO has given us the likes of Phiso, Flakzz, Definitive, Jkyl & Hyde, SweetTooth and more, names that have gone on to become omnipresent across North American dance floors since that day. Loving this.


It’s been 18 months since the last sick selection was served up, a time in which a lot has happened with those iconic 4 letters. 2 Worldwide DPMO Tours, the launch of the DPMO fashion brand (which has so far sold well over 1000 garments) and around 5 million Spotify streams. Not bad for a project set up by FuntCase to develop the untapped talent that he was playing in his sets.


So, back to the case in hand: project 3, DPMO for 2020. What are you getting this time? Many many weapons, some might say an onslaught. From the massively supported scene buzz track “Welcome Tune” by Versa to the killer collaboration between FuntCase and Ravachol (which sees Vulgatron wear the colours for the first time) “Wasteman.” Other names to watch out for are return outings from Boss Mode & MVRDA plus first appearances from GLD, Decimate, Yakz and Whales.


Friday the 13th March, unlucky for some, superstitious for many. The perfect date to unleash the beast, the third iteration of Don’t P*ss Me Off. This one is going to be ingrained upon your soul.
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