Ashnikko-Taking Back Power With Repetitive Bangers

About Ashnikko

This one is for the ladies! I’ve decided to take some time out of the typical press releases I do to talk about my all-time favorite artist, Ashnikko. A 24 year old American singer, songwriter, rapper, and model. She gained support with her 2019 hit ‘Stupid’ with Yung Baby Tate that gained viral popularity. ‘Hi, It’s Me’ was sure to bring an uprising for this promising young star. I’m unsure of how to put it all in words how much she’s, in a sense, changed me. Her music isn’t to impress anyone, and I mean anyone at all. It’s raunchy, rare and uncut. It’s her music and heart, her style that are beyond great. It’s classic and hits you where the sun doesn’t shine and that’s just how she likes it.



Let Me Explain

In one of her YouTube videos she describes and transcribes to her grandparents the lyrics and meaning behind songs she has done. The “most extreme” song she describes is called ‘Special.’ She goes on to explain that we have lived in such an overwhelmingly patriarchal society for so long that she wants her music to flip the power dynamics. I think already loving her music was one thing but then hearing that and hearing what struck me the most about her music and why I like it so much made sense. There is power in this music and power from her lyrics and motivation. ‘Stupid Boy’ is also extremely powerful to me, having no need for anyone or any man strikes and drives me even more than I realize. The charisma to drop anyone for no damn reason is reason enough for me.



Quite The Opposite

Some may say that her music is “vulgar” or “too sexual” but in my eyes, it’s exactly what she wanted it to be and that is inspirational and moving and in some songs the exact opposite of sexual. The song ‘Invitation’ proves just that as lyrics such as “Dolled up like a dolly. Short skirt Lil hottie. Don’t you comment on my body” shows how much women can’t even wear their skin out in public. ‘Invitation’ proves how hard it is to even be a confident and or a sexual person in today’s society without it being a problem or an “invitation.” That song is a figure for young and confident women out here and that scares and pushes me at the same time. I’m not even sure how to feel because I have been there. I want this to change so much but the truth is I don’t know when or if it will change. I pray if more women come forth such as Ashniko that some may have a fighting chance. All we can do is advocate for it all such as she is doing.

She moves me to learn more and be more, Asknikko teaches me that feminism comes in all forms and I am slowly taking back the power that I didn’t even know I had. It all started with loving these lyrics:

“Trick or treat I drink my drinks neat
Spank him if he talks a little too sweet
I like the taste of blood in my teeth
I’m a half-full honey baby know I gotta eat
Ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee
And when I’m done he better know he gotta leave
Out the backdoor baby, better know he gotta creep
Found my number in his phone then I press delete.”




‘Halloweenie,’ the evermore popular song by Miss Ashnikko herself. At first, all I hear is this powerful woman speaking on what she wants and what hasn’t been given to her although she gives it her all. I listen and listen and start to hear the song and all of its entirety and it goes beyond what I’m hearing and I find this actualization. “If it’s booty that you want from me, you will only get the tricks no treats” is her saying “IT’S MORE THAN THIS” and “no treats if that’s all you want” some people still just don’t get that. Ashnikko wants what every woman on this planet wants and its respect. In every form, whatever she gives you she wants back 110%. It’s what all women want but God forbid we be this “in the box, perfect housewife” lifestyle. God forbid we step out of the box and this tiny picture you all have set up for us in the meantime and become more.


The Audacity

Ashnikko truly steps outside of our boundaries and her own with her lyrics and views on how we live in this world. From being confident to sexual, to downright being a female human being. This world needs more of what this woman has to offer with her music. Women these days need empowerment and the audacity to walk down the street with her head held high as fuck. This generation needs more people like Ashton Nicole Casey.


Listen To Her Here:

Please, these songs are not for the weak hearted so listen with caution!


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