Elephante is BACK on Tour!

Did you catch our MASSIVE Elephante interview a while back? It was pretty epic, but I’ll let you check it out if you haven’t already. It was great to connect with Tim about his fans, his new releases, and more!

If you watched, you knew a tour was in the works and guess what.. it is finally here! You can attend the Heavy Glow tour 2022 with support from Yetep, Hoang, Noll, and Sabai in tons of different cities around the country. Sorry, international fans, you’ll just have to wait your turn! 


If you haven’t listened to Elephante’s Heavy Glow album yet, make sure you check it out. It’s 39 minutes of pure bliss and glory! There are so many amazing tracks on this album and I personally cannot WAIT to see this event live.

Where are you going to be checking this tour out? I’m thinking for me, it’ll be Chicago. Tons of other locations for you to grab tickets for. Speaking of, grab them HERE. And PSST- don’t forget to check the COVID-specific requirements for your location. We’re pretty new at being back at shows so it’s an important reminder so you know what to expect before it begins. This will vary from state to state as requirements vary.

We’ll see everyone out there dancing!!