The Festival Voice Presents: Parnassvs Interview

Last week, I was fortunate enough to interview Parnassvs. Honestly, one of my favorite aspects of this job is getting to connect with artists on a personal level. Angelo and I had a great conversation when we met last week and I’m happy to share it with all of you!

Recently, Parnassvs released a new track called Mistral and you have got to check it out! This was one of the big topics of our interview but since then, he’s also released an even newer track called Diversion with Daniel Kandi. It’s upbeat and trancy while still groovy. The track has a psy-trance feel to it. It’s a must listen if you’re a trance lover! You’ll have to be on the lookout for his next track, Arctic, out soon!


Currently, Parnassvs resides in Manila in the Philippines. He’s been up to some big things lately and we know that we can expect more from him in the near future. One of his biggest accomplishments was working with Sessions Academy, a training center for the media and arts.

I don’t want to spoil the whole interview though- you’ll just have to go check it out yourself!

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