Ferreck Dawn and Mind. E Give Us Diamonds

Ferreck Dawn gives a soothing spin to Mind.E’s “Diamonds”

Get your groove on this new track on a Friday! 2020 saw a ton of unfortunate things, but one great one was the return of Mind. E! This new release “Diamonds” came out on David Solomon’s imprint Payback Records. The original track brought listeners a soulful and euphonious beat with enchanting vocals. After its success, Payback Records is now proud to present Ferreck Dawn’s remix of the stunning “Diamonds”. It’s groovy and you’ll get your dance on! Happy Friday, y’all!

Ferreck Dawn (Freek Coppens) has been making waves in the electronic music industry for 18 years. That’s quite the time to be producing new tunes for us! It was a no brainer for him to give “Diamonds” a twist of his own. As a result, you get a remix that is refreshing and extremely enthralling to the listener’s ears. His talents are perfectly showcased by providing detailed piano work accompanied by toe-tapping percussion for the audience. This new sound to the charming single will indeed bring smiles to those who listen. It surely is a track that will be played for many years to come. Enjoy your Friday night, friends!
Out now on Payback Records
Stream on all platforms HERE