Festival Gifts: Something Meaningful

One of the things I love so much about the festival community is how you can clearly see how people care so much about each other, whether they know the people around them or not.  Festivals are a place of love and embrace.  I have experienced and witnessed so many amazing people coming into contact and showing nothing but love and care.  I personally have received gifts as well and have kept every single one of them, or passed them on to another festival goer.  Its a beautiful circle of love.  We’ll cover some fun gift ideas to bring to your next festival but I want to share a story first. 

I was attending Phoenix Lights in April 2018 with my festival fam, it was gorgeous out but VERY hot.  The outside temp had maintained a 95 degree heat all day and the ground was radiating heat, essentially baking all of the festival goers from top and bottom.  We (being psyched to be there and be with our people) continued to dance and rage on in the heat.  Well eventually a few people in our group developed a case of heat stroke  accompanied by some lovely nausea. We headed out of the crowd to sit on the side for a minute and drink some water to cool off.  A fellow festival goer walked up to us and he checked in on us that we were ok.  He sat down with us and chatted just to get to know us and swap some laughs.  We swapped kandi from all of us and hugged in a big group hug in the hot Arizona dirt.  He ended up leaving us with a small rubber toy that was stimulating to touch.  He said, “Here I want you to have this, play with it in your hands and it will help distract you from your stomach.”  He bid us farewell and headed back out into the bass filled festival crowd.  We all felt blissful and just happy to be where we were with the people we loved and met along the way. 

Right as we were about to get back to join the rest of our group, a group emerged from the crowd and they all looked concerned and like they were in some trouble.  One man was carrying a girl and she was screaming and sobbing uncontrollably.  We immediately went over to them as soon as they set the girl down to see if we could help at all.  The poor girl was having a rough time and wasn’t feeling well at all, and her friends were worried that they were going to have to take her to the hospital.  One of my friends that was not feeling well earlier just stroked the panicking girl’s  arm and spoke to her softly and said that she can help her feel a little better.  We gave the girl water and calmed her down, and my friend gave her an amazing glove show with soothing colors and patterns as we all sat around her comforted her.  Once my friend finished her light show, the girl smiled with tears in her eyes and leaned in to hug us and thank us.  We traded kandi again with everyone in the group and my friend gifted the girl the little rubber toy she had received earlier.  She said,”You just hold this and play with this while you think about how much you are loved.” Then we parted ways.  We never got their names and they never got ours.  It was just people caring about people and that’s the way it should be everywhere.  

That being said, here’s a few things you can buy and gift to people at your next festival!  It means a lot more to people than you think. Keep the love alive and thriving! Peace Love Unity and Respect.

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