Lights All Night 2018 Official After Video

Lights All Night After Video

What’s one thing all festivals should have in common? A good lineup? Amazing food? Art installations? While these aspects are extremely important, here at The Festival Voice (TFV), we believe festivals should strive to commit and cater to the people. Why? Because we have all attended a festival and thought, “umm, this would be a lot better if… “; or “I had an amazing time, but I really wish there had of been…” TFV believes that you are just as important as the performers, the venue, and the activities. Your voice helps us increase your overall festival experience. It helps us understand exactly what needs to be done to ensure each festival is memorable from start to finish. To achieve our goal, we focus on attendee interviews. Below are some highlights from our Lights All Night video. 

What Brought You to Lights All Night?

Last month, some members of our team attended Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas and we have the pleasure of speaking with some of you. We asked a series of questions starting with “What brought you to Lights All Night?” Popular answers: the people, the vibes, the music, and the experience!

What was your favorite thing about the festival?

Many attendees we spoke to really enjoyed the addition of the Sweet Tooth hotel. Not only was it a great place to chill and lounge, but you could definitely snap some insta worthy pictures! The addition of 3 more stages and the art installations were also fan favorites. For those of you who’ve attended Lights All Night in the past, I’m sure you would appreciate the improvements in traffic flow. This year, festival organizers mapped out specifics routes to control the flow of traffic from stage to stage.

“What I like about it is the fact that they actually added a couple more stages and focused on the experience. I’m not here for the music. I’m here for the people and I really think they focused more on the people this year than they ever have.”


people smiling, people dancing, people on stage

“Everyone is literally just here to have the best time of their lives. And I love it! I can’t wait to go to another rave!”

Cody: First Time Raver

10th Year Anniversary

So with Lights All Night preparing for their 10th year anniversary, we wanted to know what the festival could do to make sure it’s the most badass 10th year anniversary ever! While we ran into many people who appreciated the expansion, a lot of attendees would love to see more heated areas and warm places for people to sit and chill.

Cassandra from Forth Worth has been attending Lights All Night since 2014. She loves the improvement of the art installations over the years. Not only does the art keep her coming back year after year, but it also attracts new people to the scene.

“Don’t let the sound system fail.”

“More heaters.”

“Keep up with the art installations!”

“Free parking.”

“Louder, heavy, more bass, more drops, riddim!”

We all LOVE that sense of community. We love being a part of a culture where we feel free and empowered to be ourselves. We’re looking forward to connecting with all of you this festival season to continue our vision of making sure all festivals put YOU and YOUR voice first. Make sure to check out our Lights All Night video here!