Get Lost In Dreams in Las Vegas

Have you ever been woken up from a perfect dream?

Or have you ever found yourself reminiscing on a dream that you didn’t want to wake up from? Let me take you to a new world of melodic dance music. When beautiful, synth melodies turn into mind-blowing bass drops and transports your soul into another dimension (with your consent of course).

Welcome to Lost In Dreams

Hosted by Insomniac, Lost in Dreams will be taking place in the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center during Labor Day weekend. Artists such as Seven Lions, K?D, Gryffin, Manila Killa B2B Chet Porter, Lick, Tokyo Machine, Yetep, and Gem & Tauri (just to name a few) will have us questioning whether or not we want to headbang or feel our feels.

lost in dreams

What could be better than a fire-line up?!

With the many art installations, three effervescent stages, and an array of talented artists, what could possibly make this event better? Let me tell ya. A TON of new releases. To get the ball rolling, we have “Knock on Wood” by Rival and Highland takes melodic trap to new heights, “Undertow” by Danny Olson & Bebi will lift your soul onto cloud 9, and Tokyo Machine & The End of the World with “Silver Lining” checks all the boxes for that feel-good summer vibes, and MANY more very worthy of having a listen.

GA and VIP tickets are still available! Come get lost in not just the music, and manifest a dream that you’ll never forget.

See ya’ll on the dance floor 🙂