Summer Camp’s Soulshine Experience

Can you believe it?? In just one week, we will be reuniting at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois! The Festival Voice will officially have four team members at the festival, Savannah (myself), Anthony, Stewart, and Tanya! This will be an awesome experience and if you see our flag, please come say hi!! I’m personally a huge fan of SCamping it up and have been for several years now. I want to talk about something unique that SCamp has: The Soulshine Experience!!

Most day festivals don’t have anything like the Soulshine Experience. And while I’ve been to some camping festivals that have similar activities, I have yet to be to a festival that focuses on experiences as much as Summer Camp. The Soulshine Experience provides you with opportunities to make a difference, create, relax, and learn! 


There is so much to do! Starting Thursday, there are activities such as using art to meditate, creating garden mandalas, and listening to nature sounds. In addition, there is screen printing, painting on bark, and so much more. 

Friday is when things really kick-off. There is morning meditation, yoga, and so much more. Many of the activities are repeated throughout the weekend so if it happens to be during your favorite set, no worries! You can check out the activities later. 

But this isn’t all that Summer Camp offers! Download their app and see for yourself, they have so much to do!! I am personally excited to kick off my morning with yoga, create glass pendants, learn about juggling, and so much more. While the music is great, there is SOOO much to do at Summer Camp. They are committed to learning about nature and implementing it into our everyday lives.

Do you have your tickets yet? Don’t forget to get that Thursday pre-party pass. Also, don’t forget your wagon (as it is a long walk!!), your rainboots in case it rains, and your mask. (COVID aside, SCamp is dusty and unless you want black snot, you should wear your mask! I’m not joking about that.) See my tips for Summer Camp article for more tips. Even though this was posted in 2019, it is still relevant. Trust me! Anyway, if you see any of our team, please come say hi! We’ll be around throughout the whole festival! We will see you at Summer Camp next weekend!!!