Summer Camp 2019 Is Finally Here!

Summer Camp 2019 Is Finally Here

Summer Camp is finally here and it’s the epic kickoff to the summer. You will enjoy a weekend of music, vibes, and fun. Summer Camp 2019 surely won’t disappoint you! This Memorial Day Weekend, SCamp happens in Chillicothe, Illinois, which is near Peoria, Illinois.

Tips To Make The Most Of Summer Camp

Summer Camp is primarily a camping festival although there are hotel options for those who are not interested in the camping experience. To enhance your experience, here are a few tips for people coming to SCamp for the first time:

  1. You should check out all of the extra activities to do. This year’s schedule includes finger painting, learning to beatbox, yoga, coloring, body painting, hooping, bracelets, glass blowing, and so much more! In addition, you can participate in learning sustainability, how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, juicing, and gardening. SCamp is so much more than a traditional music festival because of all of the options to participate in during the day!
  2. If you plan to camp in the woods, get there early! If you want to camp in the woods, get there early as those spots are hard to snag! You shouldn’t be upset if your crew doesn’t get a spot in the woods as the field is an awesome place to camp as well!
  3. SCamp is huge on recycling and taking care of your campsite! Leave no trace is an important concept at every festival, but SCamp offers options to help you recycle including labeled bins. They have partnered with Zero Waste Event Productions to ensure that SCamp is sustainable on the environment. Bring your own recycling bags for your campsite as well.
  4. A wagon is crucial as it is a hike from your car to the campsite so you must plan ahead by bringing bungee cords to strap your gear down. A cooler with wheels is super helpful too.
  5. Do you want to see the exclusive Everyone Orchestra? You can participate in the Make a Difference Treasure Hunt!! You can earn your way in by taking part in the raffle, bringing sorted recycling bags in, visiting a non-profit booth, participating in a Soulshine Workshop (see number 1), visit the SoulPatch, take a picture of yourself and tag SCamp, show off your reusable water bottle, or participate in an art project. The best part? You can earn instant access by donating food, registering to vote, volunteering, recycling cigarette butts, or donating a hygiene pack.
  6. You’ll need to pack those rain boots or shoes because they are easily overlooked! If it rains, (and rain is in the forecast!!), sometimes SCamp can get a little muddy! Many festivals get muddy so it is always good to be prepared with shoes that you can get wet without soaking your shoes. The mud puddles can be a blast to dance in if you have the right shoes.
  7. SCamp can get dusty at times! Festivals often get dusty so it is good to be prepared with a bandana or a face mask to stop you from breathing in all of that dust.
  8. Your body will thank you if you drink lots of water! The water filling stations are free at SCamp but it’s great to be prepared with plenty of water. When it is sunny out, your body needs lots of water to stay hydrated. Plus, if you have a hydration pack or a reusable water bottle, you’ll get a stamp for the Treasure Hunt! (See #5)
  9. Field day is also a great thing to participate in! Check out all the action!

See You This Weekend At Summer Camp!

We will see you at SCamp 2019 starting this weekend. Don’t forget to snag your Thursday Pre-Party Pass so you can enjoy the whole weekend. You can also check out those awesome Red Barn Shows! Can’t make it the whole time? Grab a Sunday only ticket or a Saturday/Sunday combo ticket. I’ll see you there!

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All photo credits go to Summer Camp.