Hulaween 2019 Is On!!!

Welcome Back Hulaween

It has been a stressful year for both financial partners and fans of Hulaween. Earlier this year, Silver Wrapper a Chicago based company who helped produced Hulaween announced that it would be closing its doors.

In case you don’t recall, back in March Silver Wrapper stated,

“The world is constantly changing, and the business of entertaining people has changed a lot in the last twenty years.”  “We’ve enjoyed this process of providing amusement, and making people happy over those years, but it’s time for Silver Wrapper to step aside and let the next generation of ambitious, talented, creative music fans step up and make their mark on Chicago and the world. The reality is that the quality of experience that we want to provide to music fans and the artists/teams that we work with is no longer a sustainable business model for Silver Wrapper.”

While this may have come as a shock, many of us were already aware of this beloved festival’s troubles. Back in November rumors had started to circulate about the festival’s inability to pay performers and vendors. In January artist Justin Carey issued a statement claiming Hula failed to pay him two months after the festival ended.

Hulaween 2019

If you’re like me and you haven’t had the chance to attend Hula, we have been given a second chance. Last week, Michael Harrison Berg, a managing partner of Hula announced the festival will return for 2019.

“We wanted to check in and clear the air [and] confusion and let people know that Hula 2019 is happening. It’s important to us to let everyone know that many of the outstanding 2018 Hula bills have indeed been paid. Arrangements towards the others are being handled currently, thanks to our new financial partner. More info (and the lineup) will be coming soon, but we have purposefully waited to discuss this here until we made things right with the people who were/are owed money. We cannot wait to put this behind us and let the energy shift toward the excitement for our 7th year. Thank you all for your loyalty and patience as we move the show into the future together.

Photo Credit: Brad Byrd

Hulaween 2019 will be taking place on October 24th-27th. Known for its amazing lineup, venue, and art, Hulaween’s a festival where people can heal their mind, body, and soul. Everyday attendees can check out a variety of onsite activities including, yoga, dance, flow arts, and meditation. With the financial troubles music festivals have faced over the past few years, we commend Hulaween for their commitment to makes things right.

Over the next few months, I will be here to keep you up to date with new information surrounding Hulaween. You can also sign up for updates here to make sure your first to know about the lineup and more!