Kosmic Kingdom’s Medieval Experience

Kosmic Kingdom 2019

It’s time for the weekend we’ve all been waiting for: Kosmic Kingdom 2019! Get ready to be immersed in a truly different type of world, one like you’ve never experienced before. The legendary KK will be held May 31st-June 1st in Des Moines, Iowa. The festival itself has a medieval theme, which is quite unique but still very fun for participants to enjoy.

Kosmic Kingdom’s Experience

One of the best parts about smaller scale festivals in the intimate experience. Kosmic Kingdom is two days long and is growing each and every year. With smaller festivals, you are more likely to run into people you meet. I personally love walking from stage to stage and seeing all the people I’ve met at other festivals or concerts. This creates a different experience than one would experience at a larger scale festival. This festival is one where you can truly build relationships due to the intimacy the festival presents.

Kosmic Kingdom’s Local Talent

One of my favorite things at a festival is to wander from stage to stage without a plan in place. This allows me to catch local acts in addition to the headlining talent and trust me, there are many different local acts that pack quite a punch. Take time to explore those smaller stages to discover up and coming talent. Iowa truly has a unique scene and many talented DJs in every genre. Don’t sleep on that Iowa talent! A personal favorite of mine is Kill OG, a dubstep hard-hitter.

Kosmic Kingdom’s Art

In addition to the music, Kosmic Kingdom has a live art gallery where festival attendees can watch live art in action! You can always check out the medieval-themed buildings as well to really truly get into the vibe for Kosmic. The art is a unique part of the festival and it’s definitely something to check out when you are there! We’ll see you THIS weekend!

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All images from the festival themselves.

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