GIVEAWAY ALERT! Trading Kandi & Memories

Trading Kandi- Giveaway Information Soon

Who here all traded kandi???? If you aren’t familiar with the term kandi… have you ever seen someone at a festy with all those beaded bracelets on? That’s kandi. Kandi can have a truly special meaning. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the giveaway information soon!

I know I have tons of kandi. In fact, I have my kandi sorted into bags according to tradeable and nontradeable kandi. My tradeables are ones that I make and I’m ready to give out. Then I have a special bag, filled with kandi I have been given over the years. 

That special bag has some pretty neat stuff in there. The kandi has memories associated with the person who gave it to me and reminds me of how special friendship truly is. I have met so many people throughout my time raving and I love having the kandi as a sort of memento of our friendship. It’s about the connection you make with someone.

And the PLUR handshake is just beautiful. What is more beautiful than saying peace, love, unity, and respect? 

Fun fact: PLUR is credited to DJ Frankie Bones. In 1993, a fight broke out at one of his shows. He yelled, “You better start showing some peace, love, and unity or I will break your f****** faces!” The term spread from that moment. Of course, the term sheds a much more positive light on the scene as a whole. 


My friends and I used to have kandi making parties. Sometimes, we’d hang out and just make kandi for hours. I cherish those moments spent with my friends because we were doing something that truly meant something. Personally, I’m not so great at making the epic cuffs and perlers, but with time, I know it is possible!


Since you have the time, why not make some of your own kandi?? We can hand it all out at the next show we all go to. The memories will be meaningful.  

The Great Kandi Giveaway!

The Festival Voice is giving away the supplies to make kandi! Check out all the details below!


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