Go Full Circle With Nocturnal Sunshine

Full Circle Deluxe LP by Nocturnal Sunshine Out Now

By the grace and power of Hip Hop, Nocturnal Sunshine releases Full Circle, her second LP, now bigger and better than ever before. This new deluxe version contains two new tracks, ‘Watchem Go’ and ‘Bandit’ ft Ca$ey Jones. This new release is one that we love and can’t wait to share it with the readers of The Festival Voice! 
full circle
‘Full Circle’ showcases Maya Jane Cole’s essence as a grunge and trap-influenced  DJ who is now polished and bold. This British-Japanese producer features vocals from Lizzo, Drake, and Lil Wayne, but also features experimental artists like songwriter Chelou on ‘Possessed‘ and Ry X on ‘Gravity‘. Well-connected is an understatement when each track speaks to Cole’s partnership with these amazing musicians. 
Nocturnal Sunshine has been sampled in the work of pop giants like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, and she has mixed into EDM and dubstep. This LP is your chance to hear a new soundscape that is dark, deep, and skillfully crafted by Cole and her talented team. Don’t miss Nocturnal Sunshine’s powerful LP out now!
The track is available for you to grab HERE. Grab it ASAP as this is one release you don’t want to miss out on. Happy listening, friends!