Go To The Moon with INKKØ’s NEW EP!

First EP ‘Moon’ by INKKØ Out Now on Curiosity Music

You’ll be heading straight to the Moon with this new track! DJ and producer INKKØ has released his first EP. With an ethereal soundscape and melodic atmosphere, INKKØ is sure to stun listeners. Hailing from Bordeaux, France, and a multicultural family, INKKØ showcases his deep beats and diverse taste in this new EP. Curiosity Music is proud to present this new EP for your listening delight!
The record begins with an upbeat title track and descends into the darker ‘Fall’. The third track is a remix of ‘Fall’ produced by Babylene, a resident on Radio Sensations alongside the likes of DJulz and Marc Romboy. With her 15+ years of experience and INKKØ’s talents combined, ‘Moon’ rises as an evocative statement for this young DJ. The final track, ‘Ascension’ is an all-out synth trance hearkening back to the 80s and sure to get you moving. The ultimate result is a tantalizing treat to get you up and dancing right away!
Moon (Original Mix)
Fall (Original Mix)
Fall (Babylene Remix)
Ascension (Original Mix)
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