Kindred Score Releases Two New Tracks

Kindred Score


These new tracks are hot! Kindred Score is at it again with these two new singles, ‘ Nights Like This’ and ‘The Way We Grew’ are out now and sounding better than ever! The electro-pop duo Kindred Score has some undeniable talent with a string of electric producers, including Blackhill, Manpower, and Rogue Unity. Launching their new project this month, Kindred Score reminisces on others’ similarities and differences as well as the human experience. She tells it all through her lyrics and through a fictional character; they seem to project a beautiful sound filled with sultry vocals that are hard to beat!




Blackhill’s 13 years of live and studio experience come to light in this track; ‘Nights Like This’ is fresh to deaf and has made some waves! The song alone stands for diversity, being unique, and having some cutthroat sounds as he incorporates each particular element into the track! Don’t forget to groove because, well, how could you not? As delightful as these tracks are, the underground tones never cease to fail you! DJ Manpower is in the house and is one to never confine his formal elements to a single genre! He draws inspiration from house, techno, Italo, disco, pop-punk, new wave, and beyond on a discography that spans imprints from Life and Death, Hivern Discs, Optimo Trax, and Correspondent as well.


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So the bottom line is this: GO CHECK OUT THE TRACKS! I promise you won’t regret it! Listen to Kindred Score here!




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