Got Abducted: Phoenix Lights Festival Review

April 5th and 6th in the desert of Arizona, thousands of people gathered to be abducted by Phoenix Lights Festival including our team.  We have to say, we cannot wait for next year to gather in the desert and do it all over again!  This years Phoenix Lights Festival had an amazing line up featuring artists such as Arty, Big Gigantic, Griz, Black Caviar, and so much more.  The choices made by Relentless Beats this year really shows how much they listen to their attendees and providing them with a spectacular experience. Did you get abducted? I sure did!

Not only were the music choices fantastic, the many vendors and hangout spots were what really caught our attention this year.  Many people don’t realize how important a hangout spot can really be when people need to relax their bodies from raging, and Relentless Beats gave their attendees some amazingly comfortable spots to do just that. There were large soft, fake grass areas with shade and couches for all the people who needed a place to recenter themselves.  They were beautiful and full of colorful friendly vibes, and were decorated perfectly. They even had a trolly they rightfully named “The Trolly Llama” for people to climb inside and explore.  They also had a gazebo type hangout that always had people in it sitting on pillows and chatting under beautiful UV reactive paintings.  That being said, there was still some graffiti art and art structures but Relentless Beats really focused on the comfort of their attendees with the vibey chill spots, and we are all for that.

The only complaint we had this year was the closeness of some of the stages, the sound did bleed from one stage to another a little more than last year.  However, we know they change things around to keep it interesting.  The bathrooms and water were a plenty and the food options ranged from sno-cones to nachos and tacos.  Over all, we really enjoyed Phoenix Lights Festival and highly recommend you add this fest to your list for 2020!  Thank you so much Relentless  Beats for always putting on an exceptional experience for all us festival goers!

One more special thanks to The Relentless Rangers as well, we appreciate everything you do and we hope to see more of you guys at festivals doing what you do best! HELPING OTHERS!

If you haven’t heard of The Rangers in Arizona, they are a very special group of people who help those in need at events.  They keep everyone cool by bringing water and spray bottles to everyone in the crowd and offer a safe haven to anyone in need.  They keep people safe and out of the medical tents by performing simple acts of kindness to anyone and everyone.  THANK YOU, YOU GUYS ROCK AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Hope you had a great time being abducted!


Find your crew in the photos we captured below!!!