Happy ARC week!

It’s time for us to shake the dust from the week, the month, the year (so far) and bask in the glory of Dance Music. Labor Day has always been a holiday celebrating our contribution to work. It is fitting that we will all be putting in “over-time” with our glutes and hams on the dance floor in Chicago for 3 days.

I am done making silly analogies.


Let’s get some logistics for the weekend.

Where: Union Park, Chicago IL

When: This weekend! Sept 2-4, 2pm-10pm

Why: Glory

How: Tickets here https://bit.ly/3Q2PJAT

Supplemental info:

Yes on re-entry.

Yes, the venue is navigable for people with mobility disabilities.

Yes, service animals are permitted throughout the venue. However, this does not include emotional support, therapy, or companion animals.

Yes on the ADA entry lane, located at the main entrance.

So far, I haven’t seen anything on designated parking areas for the festival, given that it is near multiple streets and the park itself doesn’t have an accessible parking lot. You will be able to find parking within walkable distance of the festival. Madison, Warren, and Washington St. all have parking areas for various locations of interest.


Please remember that you are a guest of the city. Even if you live here, you are a guest. This city has an immense amount of history, culture, and love for the music in which you are about to partake. Give yourself some care before and after the festivities so you can focus on paying a little homage to the space and surroundings of the festival and the people around you. Yes, you are paying customer, but you are also a representation of your morals and ethics while on the dance floor or in neighboring Chicago limits. If someone needs help, find someone who can help or say something. <3

See you out there!