Happy Global Dance Week!

Global Dance is celebrating its 20th anniversary in style! From chart-topping DJs to underground producers, the festival’s lineup is curated to cater to a diverse range of electronic music genres. So whether you are shuffling, headbanging, or flowing you will have an amazing experience.

Have you seen the lineup?!?! I hyperventilated a little, not going to lie.

It’s such a bittersweet feeling to be covering this anniversary, especially since Kaskade and DeadMau5 introduced me to the world of dance music. Now I get to see both as they headline together as Kx5. I am conflicted with the set times with such little time to decide.

Friday’s schedule is looking like I will be bouncing around. I will give my top three artists that I would like to see at each stage. Let’s start with the Summit Stage. Kx5 (of course), Alan Walker, Deorro, and Haliene. (Yes, I know I added a fourth, I couldn’t help it, don’t @ me). Northern Lights  is SoDown, Borgore b2b Dion Timmer, Nurko. For the Amazon Stage is Walker & Royce, Moon Boots b2b Option4, Joshwa.

Saturday’s schedule will be more like a prance, but who am I kidding? I’ll be all over the place again. Here are my top three for each stage. The Summit stage is Troyboi, Loud Luxury, and Sickick. Northern Lights stage Level Up, Austeria, and Bruer. Amazon Stage CID, Green Velvet, J Worra, Edx, and Capozzi (Again, please don’t come for me).

Let’s not forget about some up-and-coming artists at the Crystal Cavern for Silent Disco! They need us to show love and support too. Ever since the complete lineup was posted I started listening away to some of the Silent Disco artists. As far as I can tell, there will be a variety of vibes there, definitely go check them out! 

If you do not want the party to stop, go check out the Global Dance Official After Party! I don’t know who the surprise guests will be but I am sure everyone will be in for a treat. Please clickity click the links below for more information.

Friday https://tickets.meowwolf.com/events/denver/gdf-afterparty-friday/

Saturday https://tickets.meowwolf.com/events/denver/gdf-afterparty-saturday/