Homecoming Time with A&B and Enamour

Above & Beyond – “Homecoming (Enamour Remix)”

If you’re a fan of Above & Beyond, you’ll love Enamour’s new remix of Homecoming! Enamour is part of the next wave of progressive talent. Anjunabeats welcomes Michael Gold, a.k.a., Enamour, to the family. Excellent!


Enamour’s career has been based in Washington DC. So far, Enamour’s career has seen releases with mau5trap, Sharam’s Yoshitoshi Recordings, and Lane 8’s This Never Happened (‘Love Syndrome’, which was heavily supported on Sirius XM Chill). With so much talent, who wouldn’t want to work with him?


His Anjunadeep debut in 2019, ‘Ruby’, was a standout moment during Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 300 warm-up set on Hong Kong harbor. The A&B boys caught Enamour’s support set during a performance at Echostage in 2019 making an official remix all but inevitable. They heard him and thought they just had to work with him!


Enamour is bringing his laidback style to ‘Homecoming’, one of Above & Beyond’s ambient interludes from 2019’s ‘Flow State’, an album for yoga and meditation. 


The track is a downtempo, neo-classic soundtrack for the trials and tribulations of modern life. ‘Flow State’ album has reached over 50 million streams since its release – with coverage in The Times and NME, and global partnerships with Daybreaker and Calm. 


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