Clutch Panda Brings In The Heat

Clutch Panda

Clutch Panda


Roland Henshaw, aka Clutch Panda, is a 43-year-old from Okinawa, Japan, who has quickly made his way into my heart. His bangers don’t go unnoticed, and his talent isn’t slept on. Recently, his light has shown through, and he will be performing in January on the 23rd! It’s coming quick, and his time to shine is approaching vastly! Buy tickets to his upcoming performance here, and be sure not to miss a beat. Make sure to pack your sunglasses as this forthcoming DJ and producer will be performing in Myrtle Beach. Let’s be honest; we could all use a little fun in the sun…and a rave for that matter. I’m proud to present this questionnaire with a fantastic artist; I bring you, Clutch Panda!


How would you describe your style?


“Experimental Bass, Trap, Hybrid Trap, and Dub.”


Who is your most significant musical influence?


“There’s so many, Currently TYNAN”


How do you feel about playing amid this pandemic?


“With extreme caution, if it’s not an outdoor event, making sure the production staff is taking the right measures to keep everyone safe, or I don’t perform.”


What is one good thing that has come from this pandemic?


“Working on new music and been working with The Nobody, we just released our first collab EP ‘WDGAF’ you can find only SoundCloud.”



Any plans for 2021 minus U VS. P?


“Just keep doing what I been doing, working on new music.”


What do you think needs to be done in our community to get back to where we were?


“Music will always be our ultimate passion and our way to release snd get away from our everyday. As a community waiting to have a big gathering again with some struggling more than others, reach out to others and be supportive and help lift other spirits, in hopes to all rave again soon.”




Any advice for upcoming artists?


“Never give up your passion, be original, and remember when releasing music, it’s more about quality, not quantity.”


Any surprises for U VS. P?


“I got some new unreleased music to rinse out!”


What would you like to say to 2021?


“Be gentle, please.”

How do you plan to combat the impact of covid (ie, your community, CDC guidelines, etc…)to make it safer to rave again?


“Same as everyone, Wash your hands, wear your masks, keep a safe distance, and if you’re sick, stay the F home!”

Follow Clutch Panda on SoundCloud: @clutchpandadub


Clutch Panda


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