FREAKY Gets Real With Upcoming Show

DJ Freaky


What’s your name and DJ name?

“Alex Fricke, also known as FREAKY.”



Where are you from?

“Charlotte NC.”



How old are you?

“28 years old.”



How would you describe the music you make?

“The music I make is extremely bold, in your face, aggressive, scary, and melodic. I make all different types of bass music/trap music, but if I was going to describe it, the perfect balance of dubstep and trap music.”



How do you feel about playing amid a pandemic?

“It’s different for sure, I know there is all different types of opinions and debates on whether or not shows should be happening. Personally, as long as the right protocols, guidelines, and safety measures are being taken, I don’t see why the industry can’t start to slowly return. I understand that some people won’t like my decision to play shows right now, which’s okay with me. This is what I do,and to everyone deciding to attend shows, PUT A DAMN MASK ON!”



Do you have anything else planned for 2021 other than Unicorns VS. Pirates?
“Tons and tons of plans! My team and I are orchestrating a couple of tours this year, and hopefully a couple of festivals as well, along with tons of new music!”



What do you think needs to be done in our community to get back to where we were?

“A few things I think that need to be done, is that we stop letting social media control us, people need to take a second and breathe, this past year was exhausting, everyone struggled at some point, whether it be financially, mental health-wise, job loss, whatever the case may be. Also, when it comes to the music industry, I think that everyone involved, whether it be promoters, agents, managers, venues, artists, and fans, need to come together to figure out a plan to get us all back to what we love. That needs to be the goal for everyone. I feel right now we are somewhat divided, with things like EDM Twitter and Facebook groups, people aren’t getting along, people are arguing, people are attempting to cancel anyone they can. Everyone wants the same thing, we all want everything back to somewhat normal, we are only going to reach that if everyone works together.”



Any advice for upcoming artists?

“I still consider myself an upcoming artist because I’m nowhere near where I want to get, but if I could give one piece of advice, it would be this: Be Patient, Work your ass off, and trust the process. Everything doesn’t happen overnight; it takes years of constant work, long nights, learning, DJing for no pay, labels telling you no, questioning yourself, and so many other things, but at the end of the day, if you want something bad enough, you go through all those things to try to achieve it. Trust the process.”



Any surprises for Unicorns VS. Pirates?

“Well, first off, I have tons of new music to play/test out, so I hope they are ready for that! You may see some b2b action with some guests possibly; you never know. Put your seatbelt on.”



How do you plan to combat Covid (ie your community, CDC guidelines, etc.…) to make it safer to rave again?

“Well, all you can do is be sure to wear a mask, follow social distancing mandates when required, wash your hands frequently, and wait for this thing out until it’s fully safe again. That’s all we can do; this is looking like our new normal. Making shows as safe as possible also. Whether it’s mask mandates at venues, or temperature checks, or distancing, or capacity being reduced, whatever gets us back to shows is what I want I want to do.”



What’s your favorite piece of music you’ve created and why?

“My favorite song that I’ve produced is probably a tune I did with my buddy PLSMA called MURDER. It was highly supported throughout shows and festivals all last year, gaining support from guys like EXCISION, RIOT TEN, SHAQ, AND SO MANY MORE; it did a lot for my year!
There’s also a song I did with my boy CASTER recently; out of all my unreleased tunes I have right now, that is my favorite, be on the lookout for that early this year!”



Who would you like to collaborate with?

“Ahhhhh, so many! But if I had to pick a few, they would probably be:

Control Freak

Those guys are killing it right now.”



What’s your creative process like?

“My creative process is straightforward. I love making music; I love learning new sound design techniques every day; I love collaborating with artists who are dope people and make dope tunes. I wake up and make music; it’s just what I love.”



DJ Freaky is not only an amazing upcoming artist but an extremely humble one at that. His creative process has allowed him to move up in the world and take on new heights, make sure you catch him at Unicorns VS. Pirates this weekend! Seriously do not sleep on him! Check out his music here! Buy tickets to Unicorns VS. Pirates here!