Koloah Borderlines Is Out Now!


Koloah, raw underground

Kyiv-based producer Koloah has been at it this year, working on his new EP of the year. Having been a hugely popular role model in his local scene for over a decade now, Koloah is predominantly responsible for the reputation for the rave culture to a global scale. He has produced music under several different aspects, and his music has been nothing but raw underground energy that speaks the masses.



His new EP ‘Borderlines’ screams underground as I have flashbacks of light up pacifiers, and the smell of Vicks runs rapidly through my mind. The sound of energy coursing through my veins that has my heart beating fast is anything short of boring when I listen to these tracks. This EP is seriously everything that makes me reminisce on our rave days. I can’t help but remember and taste the world that once was. Koloah’s music hits that spot, and honestly, hearing it live would be the tits right about now.



Koloah now lands his new ‘Borderlines’ EP on newly founded Kyiv label, 1000xxPlace (Thousand Kisses Place), that focuses on the breakbeat in different forms. The hit producer’s first outing on the label features the strong debut of label co-founder,Hidden Element, with ‘Comparisons’ EP. “I’ve been thinking about borderlines a lot lately. The lines that separate the world, separating good and evil, separating life and death; why some of them are thinner than others. How crucial it is to get rid of some boundaries and accept others, in order to evolve and improve your creative freedom.” -Koloah


Check it out now!

This masterpiece is out now, and it’s sure to hit home and push borders! Stay home and stay safe, remember and reflect on the great times we’ve all had and listen to this great EP that Koloah has put out; you won’t regret it, guys!

Koloah’s ‘Borderlines’ EP is out now on 1000xxPlace



Get his new EP here!

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