Vomitstep in World of Slime Remixes

SNAILS releases World of Slime Remix EP featuring remixes by Modestep, Blunts & Blondes, Leotrix & more- Vomitstep WIN

Snails is a visionary, that is for sure! After unleashing the unruly World of Slime EP in December of 2019, SNAILS is back with vengeance. This time, he is offering up eight remixes of the EP’s tracks! Are you ready for the vomitstep??? Having already shared the Control Freak and MVRDA & Samplifire remixes, SNAILS now offers fans six additional remixes from the album. Who is ready??


The World of Slime Remix EP has some of the hottest names in the bass scene, with fresh remixes from Bossfight, Effin, MVRDA and Samplifire, Leotrix, Modestep, Blunts & Blondes, FrostTop, and Control Freak. Talk about some HEAVY hitters! The package has a bit of bass for everyone. Blunts & Blondes provide a wonky take on “Jackhammer.” Meanwhile, Effin takes “Grime Rate” to the next level with a DNB flip of the track, and Modestep gives fans a unique riddim hybrid take on “Jackhammer,” SUHWEET! Check out these remixes now, folks. 

Vomitstep for The Win!!!


“Couldn’t be more excited to share this new remix album featuring some of my favorite artists of the moment. The twist that every artist did for their own remix is so amazing. Enjoy the listen” – SNAILS


“I was really feeding off the energy of Big Ali on the original record. I felt like this remix would give me a chance to try something with his voice as well as putting my own spin on the vibes SNAILS and Carbin laid down on the original” – Leotrix


Spice up your quarantine with the World of Slime Remix EP!


  1.  Tear It Up (feat. Big Ali) (Leotrix Remix) – SNAILS & Carbin
  2. RKO (Feat. Rico Act) (MVRDA & Samplifire Remix) – SNAILS
  3. Jackhammer (Modestep Remix) – SNAILS & Krimer
  4. Jackhammer (Blunts & Blondes Remix) – SNAILS & Krimer 
  5. Grime Rate (Effin Remix) – SNAILS & Barely Alive 
  6. System Overload (Feat. Virus Syndicate) (Bossfight Remix) – SNAILS & Kompany 
  7. Snailclops (FrostTop Remix) – SNAILS & Subtronics 
  8. Snailephant VIP (Control Freak Remix) – SNAILS & Wooli

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