Tensnake ‘Strange Without You’ Is Out Now!

Tensnake ‘Without You’

Out Now!

Tensnake ‘Strange Without You’ is out now


Do you like The Weeknd? Brace yourselves because this new track is not only a banger but has some severe Weeknd vibes! ‘Strange Without You’ is out now, and you can stream it here! The ‘L.A.’ album release draws near, and Tensnake proceeds to keep fans going with yet another fantastic record. The fourth album single to see the version right after ‘Rules,’ ‘Automatic,’ and ‘Somebody Else,’ ‘Strange Without You’ (feat. Daramola) continues to dominate dance music and its entirety. Armada Music continues to produce some of the best upcoming artists, and I’m impressed with the quantity of music they pump out.


Armada Music

The diversity of this song and the ‘L.A.’ album is something you can’t ignore yet totally expected! Background pads, sounds that heed to his hit ‘Coma Cat’ with relatable lyrics of dating non-exclusively and oddly enough missing them when they’re not around. Daramola worked wonders in tandem with hard-hitting beats, and this record has been tailored to give the dance floor (corona permitting.) So, I give this track my two thumbs way up!


Be sure to listen here

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