Happy We Made It Music Video

Keith Harris Experience releases video for “Happy We Made It” featuring Somali sister duo FAARROW


This music video is epic. The Keith Harris Experience launched earlier this summer with a debut two-track EP that’s already creating a great deal of excitement in the music industry. Harris’ new EP features two superlative tracks that showcase his eclectic talents and influences. 


The track ‘Get It’ ft Chief Wakil and Church Boi is a stripped-down sweatbox of a dance track inspired by Chicago’s underground footwork scene. On the contrary, however, the wistful pop song ‘Happy We Made It’ pivots into more introspective territory. A heartfelt performance by Somali sister duo FAARROW is incorporated into the track. Their immigrant experience colors the track with an irrepressible sense of hope and uplift.  


Happy We Made It
The ‘Happy We Made It’ music video shows the artists in their true elements. For instance, Keith Harris is featured drumming to the beat, while the Faarrow sisters are singing their vocals. It is unique experience you’ll want to check out. As Keith drums, the technicolor room around him fills up with dancers, exuding the fun positivity and energy that the song tells a story of. 


“At the time we wrote this song we were in the transition of leaving our label, figuring out what really made us happy and reflecting on our journey. So “happy we made it” is kind of describing the Faarrow odyssey, the ups and downs, winding roads and some of the feelings that have come up in our music, the sister and human journey. We were all in the studio (us and songwriter/artist nana) sharing stories, laughing, creating, and feeling like we were genuinely happy we made it”  – FAARROW says. 


Be on the lookout for news on The Keith Harris Experience debut studio album due for release later this summer. 



Keith Harris is an acclaimed 2-time Grammy-winning producer and songwriter. Additionally, Keith has collaborated with a who’s who of today’s pop and R&B superstars including Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, John Legend, Usher, Fifth Harmony, Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Kelis, Macy Gray, Mariah Carey, and more. That is quite the list! 
Keith was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side. Harris began his career playing with the city’s New Friendship Baptist Church gospel choir. After graduating from Berklee School Of Music, Harris became one of the most in-demand session drummers in the business. Drum! Magazine named him the “the hottest drummer in hip-hop”. Harris also received coverage in Rolling Stone and Vibe. That’s a lot of accolades! 
In 2020, Harris had the unique distinction of hitting the Billboard Top 10 producers chart in both the dance/electronic and Latin categories. That is quite the feat! He also had a hand in producing and writing The Black Eyed Peas biggest hit ‘Ritmo (Bad Boys For Life)’ featuring J. Balvin, with over half a billion streams. You will really enjoy his vibe. 


FAARROW is sisters Iman and Siham Hashi. The girls were born in Mogadishu, Somalia. After leaving home to escape civil war, the sisters and their family relocated to Toronto, Canada as refugees. Iman, meaning “FAITH” and Siham, meaning “ARROW” gives light to the group’s name, FAARROW. What a neat way to make a name for yourself! Their sound fuses African rhythms with modern production resulting in a drum-heavy fusion of world, hip-hop, and pop music. Love the mix of culture in this one. The sisters released their EP “LOST” in 2016 with Warner Brother Records.
In 2017 FAARROW made their debut at SXSW for the “ContraBanned” showcase highlighting artists from countries affected by Trump’s travel ban. FAARROW is currently working on a new album set for an independent 2020 release. Iman and Siham also served as United Nations Spokespeople with the UN Refugee Agency and are actively involved with humanitarian efforts for other human rights organizations. What amazing women! They recently launched a podcast and wellness platform called “PowHer” that discusses spirituality, mental health, soul health, mysticism, healing, culture, identity, and beauty through their eyes as recording artists, refugees, and black Muslim women living in a patriarchal world. These are women to look up to!
Watch ‘Happy We Made It’ video here
Watch ‘Get It’ ft Chief Wakil and Church Boi video here


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