Into the Electric Forest We Go!!

After what feels like forever waiting, the Sherwood forest has opened its whimsical doors back up for Electric Forest 2022. Into the forest we go!! I can’t begin to express how amazing this 4 day (or 5 if you go early) adventure is, and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to go at least once in their lifetime.

Not too long ago I wrote about my once-in-a-lifetime experience at my first Forest in 2019 and to say that I had a “good time” is a HUGE understatement. On top of an already stacked lineup and top-tier performances, this magical camping festival offers interactive art and mazes; themed towns where you can trade and barter unique items, get your hair braided, or even go in a hot air balloon; gorgeous scenery such as finding little fairy doors amongst the frees or setting up your hammock in the center of the forest with a grand piano in the center; and literally SOO much more. Unless you want to, you never do the same thing twice.

I could talk about how STACKED the lineup is, but the lineup speaks for itself. You know that your favorite artists are going to make you boogie and woogie and dance all over until your feet give out.

we go

Now, it’s no surprise that Electric Forest 2022 is already sold out. However, they’re still many ways to be a part of the magic. You can join their official ticket exchange, work the festival through one of their “Plug-In” programs, or simply ask around for people selling their tickets off the ticket exchange (beware of scalpers though).

Until then, into the forest we go! <3