It Is Almost Time for EDC Las Vegas, Baby!

It’s Vegas Baby!

Before you head out to EDC Vegas, take our survey on safety precautions at festivals!

Ah EDC Vegas. I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite festivals. EDC Vegas is so full of magic and enchants you the entire time you are there. Seriously, this is my all-time favorite festival. I plan to go back someday to experience the magic once more. And EDC Vegas 2021 is heating up at a dangerously high rate! I’m sure Pasquale is working hard to give us all some info on the festival and keep us all safe. As of March 18th, Pasquale reported this:

Come on Pasquale, we’re dying here! Everyone is waiting so they can book their travel because nobody wants to be stuck with non-refundable travel to Vegas.

While there isn’t a 2021 lineup available yet- I have included the 2019 lineup so you can take a peek at what is yet to come! EDC brings you the absolute best of the best when it comes to electronic music! Make sure you note that this is the 2019 lineup, not the 2021 lineup!


Sadly, EDC Las Vegas is sold out but if you really want to go, you can join their waitlist in case tickets free up! Personally, I wouldn’t recommend buying one from a stranger!! Keep it safe and keep your hard-earned money!

Want to keep up on EDC Vegas? Once more details are announced, we will definitely keep you updated! In addition, our tech guy Stewart is planning to make the trip. He plans to write a guest article that shares his experience with all of the things Pasquale puts into place. I’m pretty curious as to what this is going to entail. In the meantime, take our survey on safety precautions at festivals now! You can help us make a difference NOW!