Join Us in Miami For III Points

Join Us In Miami For III Points

Ready for a festival with a diverse lineup? Well, come check out III Points in Miami! The festival will boast a one of a kind lineup and six stages. The festival itself will take place October 22nd and 23rd near the ocean! Beach time everyone! Plus, the festival will have art installations and great food. What isn’t to love about this festival?


iii points

If you’re looking for a festival that is unique but still slaps, this is your go to festival! Plus- you can even check out their bonus festival (actually happening tomorrow and Saturday, so if you’re in the Miami area, grab those tickets HERE!)

Now we’ve got to talk about those safety precautions! Currently, there aren’t any specific details for this festival but you can expect them to follow all CDC requirements. I can foresee this festival actually happening consider Abduction sort of happened (I mean, the event took place for a few hours, more on that HERE.) Considering Florida let this happen in April, I’m betting by October we will be in the clear for sure!

Tickets start at $189 for a two day pass but you can lock in the payment plan for only $19.99! For $349, you can upgrade to VIP where you get to experience the next level! You’ll get expedited entry, exclusive amenities, gourmet food and drink options, and more! Are you sold? Grab those tickets here!