June 25th Tracks of The Week

We are flying through June! We’ve been so busy here at The Festival Voice!! We’ve been prepping for our show, Magic in the Sky!!  You can check out all of the details HERE! In the meantime, enjoy these tracks, albums, and NFTs, out now on June 25th!

Paul Oakenfold- Magna Carta NFT

It’s time for the launch of new music experience NFT platform Atlanticus who have teamed up with legendary dance music producer Paul Oakenfold to deliver a very special NFT as part of the launch.
Co-built and curated by tech, music, and cultural experts who strongly believe in the freedom of artists and creators to benefit from content-focused decentralized networks, Atlanticus is a new musical experience-driven NFT platform offering exclusive experiences to creators and fansBy utilizing the blockchain and NFT technology, 
Atlanticus offers the freedom for any artists in the world to share instantly their tracks, albums, DJ sets, videos, music experiences, and any music-related creation they may think of with their fans and other music lovers. It creates a way for artists to address their communities directly, and for music lovers to own rare, unique, and exclusive creations, numbered and digitally signed on the blockchain.
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Friz of Soul- Wake Up

“Wake Up” will be released June 25th along with an official music video made by Cole Emery. After being accepted for an Audius grant an official Friz of Soul remix competition is being hosted with over 500 $AUDIO in winnings along with other prizes such as a brand new Ledger hardware wallet and a potential official release. Alongside this rollout, Friz of Soul will also be dropping a limited edition merch collection including a Friz of Soul journal. 

Stream HERE

Jetlag- Higher Place

With a plethora of epic releases clocked on the likes of Axtone, Defected, Anjunadeep, and Atmosphere Records, Brasilian production duo, Jetlag, have got the career credentials and the flourishing discography to rival the best in the business. With a decade of chart-topping hits now under their belts, and with an extensive catalog of critical acclaim to their names, Ivan and Alex now tick off another career milestone, as they announce their eagerly anticipated label debut on EDX’s esteemed Sirup Music.

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Eyezic & Tyraz- Surrender

Eyezic and Tryaz synthesize a new kind of sound in their track “Surrender” out via Electric Hawk Records on June 21st. Combining elements of house and bass together, “Surrender” starts with a dark and melodic intro before diving into a gritty bass drop. Upbeat house breakbeats perfectly juxtapose the intense bass, coming together for a truly powerful track. Halfway through the track, we’re presented with a battle of the genres as ethereal, dreamy soundscapes are overtaken by aggressive oscillating bass frequencies. The track finishes out with a melodic, expansive sub-bass paired with celestial vocals that leave us wanting more.

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Eli & Fur- Found in The Wild Album

Found In The Wild’ is the pair’s long-awaited studio debut which will be released this summer on the seminal electronic imprint and long-time label home Anjunadeep on 25th June. A dual part album concept, ‘Found in The Wild’ is a sonic presentation of two contrasting and quintessential parts of the unique Eli & Fur sound; two sides of the Eli & Fur which they are finally ready to share with the world, “We wanted to show both sides of us. We are quite varied in the way that we write music and so it made sense to have two parts living side by side. Everything we really love is on the album and we’re super proud of how it’s come together”.

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Busy P- Track of Time feat. Haich Ber Na & Shay Lia

Busy P – aka Pedro Winter, boss of Ed Banger Records – is back with a new single ‘Track of Time’. He teams up with Haich Ber Na, one of the most promising emerging artists out of the UK, and Shay Lia, Kaytranada’s protégé who’s based in Montreal. Resolutely pop, while naturally incorporating some glitchy French Touch vibes, the track is sonic sunshine and perfectly suited to soundtrack summer barbecues in the months ahead.

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AFK & Doctor P- Destroyed

Over 10 years ago, Doctor P and Flux Pavilion formed Circus Records, and soon after, FuntCase joined the roster as an exclusive artist. A decade later, the tables have turned as DPMO is proud to welcome Doctor P and his collaborator AFK with their label debut release ‘Destroyed’.
Expect face slapping whomps, and bass heavier than a tonne of bricks!! AFK and Doctor P are notorious individually for their weighty wubs and destructive basslines, so it seems the stars have aligned to bring them together on this track. AFK has previously collaborated with Qoiet, Parker, Carbin, Borgore, Bare Noize, Wooli, and SVDDEN DEATH including remixes for Riot Ten, Whales, and releases on Bassrush, Deadbeats, Bite This, and Buygore.
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Two Lanes- Reflections EP

The EP kicks off with the gorgeous track ‘Phases,’ a melodic and evocative instrumental piece that sets the vibe for the rest of the work. The next single, ‘Reflections’ is a soothing masterpiece for those early Sunday morning vibes or late-night summer sessions. It is a calming and reassuring track that adds more beauty and delicacy to this world. The instrumental and electronic melodies join to convey pure emotion and, of course, the piano heard throughout the song ties it all up for a relaxing feeling that stays long after the last note is played. 

‘Another Time (ft. Kwesi)’ is a piano-driven track with somber undertones, yet a gorgeous melody, that stands out on the project, as it’s one of only two tracks with vocals. ‘Remembering the Future’ follows with a blissful and soft melody, bringing peace and calmness to any listener. The beloved single ‘Rolling Back’ is next (watch the music video here), which leads into ‘Transcend’ – an aptly named blissful track perfect for easy listening. The EP is rounded out by the closing track ‘Epilogue,’ which is another piano-driven track, with a classical, yet modern feel about it.

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Paraleven- Tidal Wave

The album Apollo prepares for take off with its second single, “Tidal Wave”—an apt kick-off to the exploration that ensues through the rest of the longform project. Its gentle build and pervading warmth showcase Paraleven’s penchant for conjuring sonic catharsis. Soft pads, resonant synths, and choice filtering add a spacey feel to the finished product, while the canorous vocal work of Bien et Toi catalyzes emotional release within its listeners. 
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20 Years of Anjunabeats- The Deep Mixes

Summer 2021 sees an eclectic selection of house and techno producers take center stage reworking nine Above & Beyond hits. ‘20 Years of Anjunabeats – The Deep Mixes’ features Anjunadeep regulars Dosem, Nox Vahn, Braxton, and Jon Gurd, plus All Day I Dream’s Newman (I Love) and Shai T, two acts heavily supported in Tony McGuinness’ Twitch livestream sets over the past year. There’s melodic house from Mem Aleph and M.O.S., with Khen and Boxer and Amy Wiles providing some more up-tempo moments.


Paul Kalkbrenner Remixes Wife Simina Grigoriu- Techno Monkey

Paul Kalkbrenner doesn’t often do remixes, just three since 2018 in fact. 2021 has now delivered two of them, a rarity for a calendar year, and Paul’s second, following his remix of NTO’s Invisible, is a special one, as he remixes Techno Monkey, the famed 2016 release of his wife, Simina Grigoriu.

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Serhat Durmus- Arres Album

Turkey’s own bass music trailblazer Serhat Durmus has released his debut album, ‘Arres’, out now on Amuse. With a number of highly successful singles under his belt, ‘Arres’ marks Serhat’s first full body of work and a point of departure for a producer to watch. ‘Arres’ represents a creative expression of Serhat’s life story, drawing from his most powerful emotions, ambitions as an artist, and the love of his family.

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thepeggies- Ashiato (Footprints) RetroVision Remix

Sony Music Japan’s very-own 24-hour lo-fi chill beats YouTube channel ‘Tokyo LosT Tracks – Sakurachill-’ is officially rebranding to ‘Sakura Chill Beats’, and to celebrate the monumental change, they’ve enlisted remix duties for anime and video game theme songs from a plethora of established talents in the electronic dance music landscape. Available now on YouTube via Sony Japan, French DJ/producer RetroVision kicks things off with his remix of the peggies’ 2021 single ‘Ashiato – Footprints-’, the ending theme song to the fifth season of hit anime series My Hero Academia.
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Josh Charm & Fergo- U Got Me

Josh Charm’s brand new track ‘U Got Me’ featuring FERGO is a very special one. Passionate about helping others, Charm decided to launch a DEMO OF THE WEEK concept series a while ago which highlights helping upcoming producers by providing them with feedback. One of the producers who sent him a demo was FERGO.  “I got this demo and instantly loved it, asking for the stems. FERGO, a Spanish upcoming producer, who created the demo was more than happy to send them over”, Josh says. Charm finalized the track with his own touch and gave it its official name ‘U Got Me’. The main inspiration behind the track is shining a light on those who feel down during this pandemic.
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Auf Togo- Pan Con Tomate

Taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Movements’, long-time friends Sasa Crnobrnja and Clement Cachot-Coulom, combine as Auf Togo to release ‘Pan Con Tomate’, which is out now via SaS Recordings. The wandering psych-funk single is the result of the pairs shared love for Cosmic disco sound of the late 70’s/early 80’s, blending the sounds of electronic, rock, funk, and beyond. 

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Samuele Sartini- Medicine

A delectable slice of sun-drenched, uplifting house music, perfectly accented by Amanda’s infectious top-line and the Italians’ consummate production credentials, Medicine is the meeting of three musical masterminds, uniting to deliver what looks set to be one of the songs of the summer.

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Hartnoll & Young- The Virus Diaries

Harping back to The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band, Flanders and Swan, the Pythons with a touch of Zen Buddhism thrown in, capturing the covid zeitgeist, “The Virus Diaries” is exactly that; a surreal and poignantly lighthearted wander, through the ever-shifting scene of the first lockdown. 
The 15-track album, containing many perfectly produced examples of Electronica, D&B, Techno and Old Skool Electro, brings gleeful light to an otherwise dark scene. The result is a brilliant observation of Covid culture, a musically diverse diary of our recent times, and a time capsule for the early Covid era.

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TIBASKO –  The One / Let Me Tell You

Now, TIBASKO reveals ‘Let Me Tell You’ alongside ‘The One’, further exposing their tenacious partnership, creative and immersive backgrounds, and an undoubtful talent in unifying their musical color. Both Ken & Andy hold depth in their musical experiences that include impressive global travels, allowing them to explore elements of breakbeat, melodic house, more rich techno sounds, world music, and original instrumentation in their productions.

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Claptone ft. APRE – ‘My Night’ Remixes by Myd; Picard Brothers; Ferreck Dawn

‘My Night’ is International DJ and producer Claptone’s latest release co-produced with the almighty Stuart Price. It has everything a proper hit requires, it’s sticky like superglue, and only slightly less addictive than a Netflix binge. ‘My Night’ see’s the international underground producer flirt with pop delivering an infectious and feel-good booster just as intoxicating but this time very different than his underground releases.
The package now gets the special remix treatment from some carefully curated and highly respected names, MydFerreck Dawn, and Picard Brothers who have reworked the release in their own signature styles. 

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Virak- Kaolack (Junior Jack Remix)

Progressively building energy through melodic grooves and tribal rhythms, Kaolack (Junior Jack Rework) reaches peak time euphoria through its sonic molding and vocal hooks. Junior Jack is up there as one of Italy’s finest house music exports. With achievements that are multitude, as a producer he’s created some of the highly regarded house records of the early 2000s, becoming a big star as well as a major contributor to the sound and style of the time. Since then, he has continued to vary his sound and produce music for the underground.

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NuStrut & Charmae- You

Lush vocals meet classy soundscapes in new single, “You,” by Nu Strut and Charmae via Electric Hawk Records on June 25th. Fresh off his release with Wreckno, Nu Strut continues his journey through 70s inspired sounds in his newest single. “You” embraces a new atmosphere with its exuberant lyricism, posh horns, and lavish aural elements. Subtle 70s inspired beats layered under brass notes set the tone for this track. Paired with Charmae’s buttery vocals, “You” is dripping with sophistication.

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glue70- Spray It Down

Manchester, UK artist/producer, glue70, (Conor) is back with this catchy and relatable hit called “Spray It Down”, and you don’t want to miss this one. You will want to jam and laugh at the same time with this absolute vibe. The record is here just in time for the groovy new world we are entering. After the serious year we just had, this summer, let’s all just let loose and have fun with life, right? “Spray It Down” is a perfect reminder and representation of just that, with the opening lyrics… 

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Eric Hilton- Who Are You?

Musician/producer Eric Hilton takes listeners on a blunted journey through space with his new album “Ceremony”, 13 tracks of emotive interstellar psychedelia, out on August 20th. 
Hilton’s masterful ability to mix disparate musical ingredients was well established during his 25-year tenure as co-founder of the legendary genre-hopping downtempo electronic music act Thievery Corporation. But in his newfound solo work, the artist has crafted a sonic universe uniquely his own. “Ceremony” is the 3rd solo record Hilton has released during the past year, a period of prolific awakening for the veteran musician and producer, which the album title alludes to. 
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Hans Göran- FIKA

Lucas Nord, one-third of dance music triumvirate Moodshift, returns with a new original production under his Hans Göran alias, ‘FIKA’. The latest original production to come from the renowned Stockholm-based talent serves as the second lead single ahead of his forthcoming ‘A Summer With Hans Göran’ EP, slated for release in August of this year. It directly follows up ‘Gang,’ released at the beginning of this month, and sees the musician pivoting stylistically, opting for an edgier sound that is replete with soaring vocals and driving house music sensibilities. Out now on Nord’s very-own Bisous imprint, ‘FIKA’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

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AWAKEND & TRØVES- Floating Through The Sky

The first single from Minnesota producer AWAKEND’s forthcoming EP on Enhanced is a triumph. He recruits prolific and versatile vocalist TRØVES  for ‘Floating Through The Sky’, a slick production that showcases his high-octane dance sound. Built around a lush instrumental that features gargantuan future-bass inspired synths, the two come together perfectly to create an impeccable, emotive release.

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CircoLoco Records- Monday Dreaming Black

CircoLoco Records’ fourth release, Monday Dreamin’ Black EP will be available this Friday, June 25th. Featuring new tracks from Bedouin, Adam Beyer, Lost Souls Of Saturn & TOKiMONSTA, Tale Of Us and Damian Lazarus featuring Robert Owens, the Black EP is the final EP in the four-part series leading up to the release of the full Monday Dreamin’ album compilation on July 9th

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Flight Facilities- Lights Up Myd Remix

Most recently, Myd released his debut album in April “Born A Loser” in April of this year, an album that blends house music, French touch and elements of indie rock, and features Mac DeMarco, Bakar and Juan Waters. He’s been covered by the likes of Pitchfork & V Mag, and done mixes for Mixmag Lab and Boiler Room. He’s even produced beats for Kanye West among some other hip-hop artists. 

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Pascal Dechmann- Skin Deep

Rising producer Pascal Dechmann makes his highly-anticipated return to the release radar with ‘Skin Deep’, the latest collaborative effort to come from the Luxembourg native and multifaceted, London-based pop sensation Sonna Rele. It directly follows their recent string of singles with one another, such as 2020’s ‘Your Eyes’, and 2021’s ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Jump’. Out now, ‘Skin Deep’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

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DRAMA- Don’t Hold Back Tensnake Remix

This summer, DRAMA, the Chicago-based collaboration between producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist Via Rosa, delivered their lead single for the year, ‘Don’t Hold Back’, a romantic, melancholic track that debuted as a World First on Zane Lowe’s Apple Radio show. It’s the first solo release from DRAMA since their debut album Dance Without Me in January 2020. Now the track is followed by a soaring, house rendition by acclaimed German producer/DJ Tensnake, who delivers a melodic, uptempo remix that’s destined to energize dance floors post-pandemic.

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I Love Rock and Roll

Noël Wells- Follow Me

Actress, filmmaker, comedian, and singer-songwriter Noël Wells is excited to present the brand new music video for “Follow Me,” a song lifted from her acclaimed solo debut album, It’s So Nice! (order via ItsSoNice.net HERE). Directed by Christian O’Keefe and Michael Priestley at Overlay Films (@overlayfilms), the song’s journey follows someone who has been disconnected from their body and soul after a traumatic event, and who eventually leaves the past behind and chooses their freedom, inviting people to follow. “This song was the most intimate song on my debut album,“ Wells said. “The re-release of it feels very appropriate for the time, as we’re re-emerging into a changed world and the lyrics really are about someone going through a rebirth.”

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Forgivers- Flowerseeds

New Jersey-based rock band Forgivers are proud to announce the release of its new single, “Flowerseeds,” today on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and all other major digital platforms. Mixing mainly British influences such as The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Clash, and Oasis but infusing it with their own unique and distinctive dynamic, Forgivers have created a body of work that embraces a dark, muscular and shimmering psychedelic swagger, recalling some of the finest alt-rock of the 120 Minutes-era.

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