The Magical Lights All Night 2019 Recap

Lights All Night 2019 Recap

The weekend before New Year’s Eve, I got to experience the magic of Lights All Night. The festival was held in Dallas. I have to say, I didn’t know what to expect before I got there as I had never been to Dallas before. What would the vibes be like? Would it be full of like-minded individuals wanting to enjoy the weekend? What could I expect?

Lights All Night 2019 Recap Day One

When I walked into the festival, I found the first stage to be bumping some great tunes. I had never really listened to AC Slater before and found myself vibing. I had checked in before most of my buddies, so I wandered around a bit to experience the atmosphere. Overall, the music was bumping and the people were dancing! I knew one of my buddies was there, so I gave him a call before meeting him in the upstairs gaming lounge.

I had never been to a festival with a gaming lounger before. When I walked up the stairs, I found myself in a whole new area. There were people gaming on computers and I had a whole view of the main stage. It was a spectacular view, honestly. I found myself up in this same area for a good portion of the festival because the views were phenomenal.

A few more of my friends arrived and we officially began the night to Slushii. Talk about the throwbacks! Slushii threw down the throwbacks and I found myself singing along to many of these old school tracks. During my time at Slushii, I met some pretty cool people who I got to talk to about the festival itself.

Lights All Night Exploration

We decided to venture around. A wonderful aspect we found was the outdoor area. I LOVED going outside! Before the festival, I thought to myself, I am NEVER going to go outside. It is winter and I’m going to be cold! I mean, I’m from Iowa and there is no way we could be outdoors!!! However, it was gorgeous out the first night! Honestly, it was a breath of fresh air (literally) when I went outside. I felt refreshed and energized.

My favorite set of night one was definitely Tritonal although there were tons of amazing sets. I can’t say that I saw a bad set, which is great! In addition, I loved the location of the stages because if two sets collided, I could hop over to the next one pretty quickly. I was able to see every single set I wanted to because of the location of the stages. The vibes at LAN were unparalleled. It is crazy how many awesome people I talked to as well as their overall energy!

Lights All Night 2019 Recap Day 2

We really lucked out with the weather because it stormed a ton after night one was over… but never during the festival itself! The second night was a little colder so I am glad that I brought a jacket. The weather in Texas can be pretty temperamental, so be sure to be prepared for all occasions.

Doors had opened a little later night two and so I was getting there a little later. I met up with my buddies again by the awesome Lights All Night sign. Seriously, that sign was magical. I talked to so many people at this sign! It was a fantastic meeting spot for people as well.

Of course, the sets were absolutely on point as well! Liquid Stranger and 3LAU topped off the night for me. I will say one thing, I don’t think there was a single bad set at LAN! I loved every set I saw and found it hard to see them all! Who do I choose?? It was nice that the stages were so close!

 Check out my photos of Lights All Night as well as our videographer Vihncent’s video!!! It’s pretty epic!

See you all next year!!

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